Dear John,

I write this letter with utmost importance to express my grave disappointment as someone with admiration for you as a fighter for the people of Esan Northeast over your acceptance of a fraudulent ticket from Osagie Ize-Iyamu. By your decision to partner with someone who for several years treated the Esan people with unprecedented disrespect – you directly buried your own political future.

Do I need to remind you that it was the same Ize-Iyamu who you and Dan Orbi claimed cheated you and the electorate of Esan Northeast of their legitimate mandate in the last Local Government Election; that twice, you were deprived of your incontestable victory as chairman as decided by the people.

By your action in accepting to serve as Ize-Iyamu’s running mate, you are making our people to feel like a people who will feed on anything in order to simply fill their voracious appetite. You may go ahead with a man who continuously hurled insults on the Northeast leaders, you may have forgiven him, though it’s not in his character to ask for forgiveness as he is yet to show remorse and ask for forgiveness – but I can assure you that the Esan Northeast electorate will never forget.

Moreso, I watched your wife looked at him with disdain a few weeks ago as he spew out promising bait in one of the events. Am sure that look, speaks volumes for the Esan Northeast electorate. I often wonder why a man that fooled you twice, stole the only ticket to a known destination will now ask you to trust him with a ticket for a ride to nowhere.

While I refuse to conclude that he is smarter than you or blame gullibility, I think you can seize this opportunity to ask Ize-Iyamu to explain to the Northeast people why he deliberately disenfranchised the people. I know he may never own up because it’s simply not in him to do just that but rather he will blame it on someone else, as in the case of his role in rice, 700 million naira, Ava cement, Bendel Brewery, Ehor fruit juice factory scandals to name a few.

Well, I think your wife said it best – he is parading a ticket to nowhere and the family cannot be deceived.

As I close, I hope you will not ignore my letter as you are still left with an opportunity to walk away from this political “Professor Peller”. Your future depends on your action.

Michael Oboh

Concerned Citizen

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