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APC Chieftain chides PDP over reckless allegations on Edo Assembly


An Edo All Progressive Congress (APC) Chieftain, Chief Jasper Olowojoba, yesterday said the recent rowdy plenary session in the Edo State House of Assembly that led to a-two week adjournment was not as a result of state resources being squandered and abandonment of governance by the Governor, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, as alleged by the State Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP).

A statement by Chief Olowojoba, an industrialist expressed concern over the twist being introduced to the position of the Assembly which is an arm of government whose role includes checks and balances of the executive which is also the beauty of a virile democracy.

Chief Olowojoba said, “the media outing of the PDP is most reckless, unfortunate and appalling. It’s an attempt to discredit the House of Assembly while lurking around to benefit from it.”

He said the Comrade Governor appreciated the members of the Assembly for their patience and understanding even during the 7th year anniversary event and recently, when the 2016 budget was being signed into law. He also appreciated their sacrifice for the progress of the state even when their legitimate demands and welfare are yet to be met because of the dwindling economy.

He went on, “In every normal democracy where there is no dictatorship, every arm of government is expected to express their views on issues that affects good governance and must not be misconstrued by fifth columnists where they want to feast and create unnecessary political capital out of the situation.

“The PDP is a party that is yet to find its feet after its total rejection by the electorates in Edo state in particular and the nation in general and are supposed to be focused on how to rebrand its image and proffer alternative policy options that will help the PDP to regain the confidence of the people and not to meddle in a situation that the Governor of Edo state and members of the Assembly have already resolved and on the same page.

“Every responsible Nigerian is aware of the lingering economic crisis bedeviling the country and states, Edo state is not left out and therefore, we expect PDP, having been in power for 16 years to be remorseful on how to contribute to the abysmal situation of the Nigerian economy.

“Therefore, the government of Edo state is doing everything possible to diversify the revenue base of the state to meet all recurring and maturing obligations of the government including that of the legislature, judiciary and the entire civil bureaucracy.

“It is therefore irresponsible for the PDP to attempt to reduce the legitimate views that have been expressed by the House to mean that the government of Edo state has squandered resources, and abandoned governance.

“At a time the Comrade Governor is being awarded the Vanguard Governor of the Year 2015, for massive infrastructural development, people-centered projects and purposeful governance, the PDP which is lacking in moral standing and innovation is busy rabble-rousing over an incident that ordinarily, responsible stakeholders of the state should commend the Governor and the Leadership of the Assembly for how they handled the issue maturely.

“I do not think we should play politics with this issue. The PDP cannot reap where they have not sown. It’s most uncivilized and ill-mannered for a political party that is day-dreaming of coming back to power to attempt to put spanners in the wheel of Edo progress”.






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