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…..As G10 Aspirants Head Obaseki’s Campaign


…..As G10 Aspirants Head Obaseki’s Campaign

A Group of Gubernatorial aspirants – numbering 10 – who petitioned the National Secretariat of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Abuja last week, may have been campaigning for Mr. Godwin Obaseki, it emerged lately.

One would have thought that they were ready to crumble on their personal capacity – we were soon disappointed, as they form a Coalition against the one they claimed has been anointed. And their strategists aren’t worry – either collectively or privately – the manner their ambitious Bosses are screwing up big time.

“Knowingly or unknowingly, their action is tantamount to campaigning for the man they have coalesced against”, a source hinted weekend. “The activities of this group may have buoyed the ambition of Mr. Godwin Obaseki by default”, said a report.

Obaseki is “lucky in his enemies” and he could hit the jackpot with these G10 aspirants. They may end up, the manner they care carrying, being remembered as catalysts who got him easily elected in an election where he should win by a thin margin.

It worked for Governor Adams Oshiomhole – history doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes. Whether the G10 learnt anything from the PDP in 2007/2008 – which “the modern political sophisticate” catched on, and benefited him hugely.

Meanwhile, each one of the G10 secretly court, covet and await the endorsement of Mr. Governor, who gushingly asserted that Obaseki has “the courage, compassion and the heart to get the job done” – which seems to demolish their singular and collective hope and subsequently resulted to a petition to the party’s National Headquarter like the house rat; if I can’t eat it, defecate on it and spoil it.

With these seeming bent on self-destruction, that leaves no hurdles remaining before Obaseki – pray – this sand tunnel into a sand bank they are digging wont collapse on them. If it does, we shall, without hesitation hail them…..congrats, Losers!

Or else, how can you justify a campaign theme such as: Vote for one of us; G10 against Obaseki? The reason for this new but awkward strategy is obvious to them but also obvious to me that – its ultimate end point is failure because they obviously aren’t campaigning to win; the leg, rather than the ball sort of game.

For me, therefore, the above is what their innuendo-laden piece of nudge-nudge that appeared at the APC National Secretariat  suggests just as I am startled at their bitter animosity that led to the pops of a cocktail party of 10 – in what carries an odour of sickening familiarity like grandma’s perfume; it ought not to.

Politicians who rally the party for the better can be inspiring but not these ones – the main thing they want to secure is their grip on power, forgetting that making the state a better place takes not just vision but patience and dedication. It takes management skills and negotiating prowess. It takes qualities G10 lack – its far easier to turn demagogue, to poison the wells, to embitter and enrage – neither any of the G10 should be proud of doing everything they can to polarize APC or the people with their unbridled ambition as this weekend caps an amazing journey – long, long journey.

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