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Axed and Axe men

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) National Chairman, Adamu Mu’azu was forced to resign just like the Lagos State PDP Chairman, Tunji Shelle.  My friend, Collins Ojo, was equally axed by axed-men. But over-ambition axed Edo Council Boss from office. He, however, made history as the first Chairman whose tenure was the shortest; 10 minutes. John Mayaki shares a story.
 There exists a powerful group (cabal) called axed-men.  Some of them are blood thirsty ungodly fellows whom and owing to their complex, thought they can protect each other from external aggressors. They are not the point of discourse here but near it.
They axed Mu’azu. Before him, they axed Tukur.  The Lagos State PDP Chairman, Tunji Shelle and my friend Collins Ojo, Special Adviser to Akoko Edo Local Government Area among others.  They are today, terribly injured and blooded.  They are all in pains and anguish, their families too. Bumagar Tukur has a rich experience, if you ask him how it was. Muazu is also somewhere faraway in Singapore where Doctors have been comforting him.
Sometimes, life can become miserable for axed-men and seems crumbling.  Expectedly too, I understand their bosom friends, whom they have had a long standing relationships are part of the hit-men; conspirators.
An over-ambitious conspirator, Alasa Mohammed Idaro, all the way from Edo North, precisely Etsako West local government danced with talking drums to Edo State Government House on Tuesday with well-wishers. He was to be inaugurated as the council boss after the demise of Hassan Kadiri.
They came full of joy, pomp and peagantry. But, they went home sad, disappointed and sorrowful. He axed-himself.
Is there not a cause? I asked yes, of course, the the same crime, for which my friend (Collins) was axed, was also leveled against me and in my absence, news went viral, at least in my local government that I had suffered the same fate with my friend; axed-men axed me!
Really? You mean I have been axed? The answer came again in the affirmative. And I queried. Who did? I am told axe-men did. The conspirators were said to have busied themselves even in my absence to axe me. Again, not without my bosom friends.
However, I am not in the intensive care room, as some others who needed resuscitation and possibly rehabilitation. The intended injury calculated to befall me by these axe-men was yet to be fully executed when they went to town to announce an undone deal. And the impact was as helpful as to strengthen my resolve and firing spirit.
I was away before the election due to severe security concern on my family.  The records are there with the Police and State Security Services.  When I served at the council as Press Secretary under Chief Johnson Emasealu, and had cause to resign, I never held back.  It was with relish, since I was no longer getting job satisfaction.
When former Secretary to Edo State government, Pally Iriase was gunning for Senate and I was backing the present Senator, Domingo Obende, it was a bold and convincing decision despite he (Pally) was my boss.
Whence, the present Senator lost the appeal, charm and carriage to win a return ticket and had cause to pitch tent with Prof. Julius Ihonvbere, it was done publicly and not secretly.  Why would anybody think I wouldn’t support Comrade Peter Akpatason for a return ticket after supporting me and family severally?  Against all odds and threats, he graced a big occasion at the Palace of the Otu of Igarra when he celebrated 40 years on the throne, ditto my mother’s final burial.
Unknown to me, while I am not fighting to save my head from the intended axe aimed at my head by these axe-men, I was busy helping to do what I know how to do best and adding values to the Adams Oshiomhole led government.  He employed me and what mattered, in the end, is the work which I earned my employment.
I am not known, in any record, to be associated with anti-party activities neither do I exalt ethnicity in the place of merit and hard-work, honesty and fairness.  When I believe in a course I go the extra-mile.
I am also not the itinerant or professional politician who pretends all is well courting your friendship but, could be, in another breath, doing some incalculable damages to his supposed friend.
I cherish friendship, however, if I have any reason to take a divergent position, unperpendicular to, but incomformity with my values and morality, I do so without being chameleonic.
The theory for which I am being framed up is also very strange to me.  I hear it’s called “Igarra Agenda”. I have never heard that since I was born.  Igarra has never had an agenda; be it political or otherwise “Never”.
In the community; there are two blocs like the unending Israeli / Palestinian wars, we have been. And antagonistic moves like this will boost and widen the much sought unity and development in the council area.
The conspirators really can’t have everything especially on my issue.  Along the way to achieving their conspiratorial theory, there were some reasoning flops.  The most notorious was my sack and fragile me, survived. This is an impressive record and the great bonus has been the uncompromising Oshiomhole.  I found him an astonishing marvelous proper man and I am full of bustling energy after he called me when I was away in the United Kingdom.
Would these conspirators with a narcissistic streak find a space to tattoo anti-party activities in granite and therefore make a mince meat of me? Their indulgences, God will not indulge.
Certainly, one cannot sit still, while these bulls stampede on, they could leave one in the dust. For me, I must co-manage hard-work and loyalty on one-hand while on the other, court progressive leadership.  This is however, not a political balanced sheet bet.
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