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Banker’s Ingenuity Could Degrade Pastor’s Ailing Likeability


With the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s investigation into a dubious collection of about N700 million campaign funds yet to be concluded and his association with some “ungodly” fellows in the society, it is time for the ‘Self-Styled Pastor’ to find his rhythm and voice in the build-up to Edo 2016 gubernatorial election, Writes John Mayaki
IN the history of political contestations in Edo State, we’ve not had a personality with a Pastoral garb – only just now – Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu – the Peoples’ Democratic Party gubernatorial candidate who seems to have entered the race with weaker scores from opinion polls – on personality popularity, trust and likeability.
But the Banker can assist him – if not positively, perhaps, negatively. The earlier option looks more unlike it; an impossibility – augmented reality. Since he emerged and became a strong and popular candidate of his All Progressives Congress party, renowned Banker Godwin Obaseki looks set to degrade what remains of Pastor’s ailing likeability – his meaningless “Simple Agenda” – your opponent keeping you to your word – issue-based campaigns.
The other day, in the year of Goodluck Jonathan – 2015, he was accused of bilking some bags of rice meant to deceive the unsuspecting electorates for votes and in the succeeding year – 2016, Pastor faces the same accusation as those who are already in jail – courtesy of charges by the EFCC. The Church would not be stunned, if his goes the way of other bilkers but the electorates wonder how he plans to take this rocky road to record.
On the other hand, the Banker’s ingenuity also promises to assail him – his ailing likeability – Obaseki’s personal and leadership skills are formidable and the campaigns will afford him to return to the basics that have marked his private-public life and also help him to become the first banker to be Governor in the state, after being nominated as a gubernatorial standard-bearer in the Heart Beat to finally time-out a Pastor’s fate to the pulpit, if not the pew.
He won’t be as lucky as Lucky despite Lucky is his associate – times are changing – his campaign has somehow managed to hide his pastoral carriage which one expects would give him some millage and that he would leverage on –  but it turned out that it has an unfavorable rating, however. Worse off, both of them – himself and his party’s trust and likeability are looking up-side down, with far much church-electorates or Christian voters feeling negative than positive towards him.
At what stage will this candidate realize this – and say to his campaign: “we are doing something wrong and need to change”? In my view, the trust issue cannot be dealt with as a separate element, but must be part of the larger presentation of his total character – because, being “not-Pastor” pays enough than being “an Ordained-Pastor”, when credibility comes to play – it’s time for him to show the “real Pastor”.
The real issue facing Ize-Iyamu is not to find a new-Pastor in him – a sort of born-again-Pastor but to show the true-Pastor he was ordained to be or else, the grace or anointing could be in vain. Don’t forget, no one questions whether he is a skilled politician good at collecting corrupted largesse or not but what has been lost is his personality just as his campaign seems to be totally tactical, reactive and based on his opponent and the issues of his past life just as his recent moments.
But the Banker will fix him and all those shades. It could resurrect the negative images he has accumulated overtime and which has weighed on him – and no longer could fly. For revealing his own compassionate side, Obaseki has shown mettle and gained warmth and charm. This is the point made by the Banker – that the vote for Governor is the most personal vote that Edo people cast, and a party platform is much less important than changing our attitudes from negative to neutral or even positive – in this case, both the message (the party, PDP) and messenger (candidate, Pastor) are as guilty as charged.
Besides, Obaseki has shown his leadership skills but voters have no sense of Pastor’s special leadership abilities. As Secretary to the State Government, he appealed to the Igbinedion dynasty and not Edo people because of the issues and interests he fought for and the alliances he helped to pursue. The Banker is not so – a selfless man who prefers the job than salaries and whose skills of economic revival and recovery we all enjoy today.
Continuing, Obaseki’s personal favorability score far outweighs Pastors’ – the people are in a hurry to end the gridlock his party and his associates plunged the country except he is able to prove his ability to untie himself from those inherited baggage – in which case, time is his enemy – Heads, he loses. Tails, he loses.
Added to the Obaseki’s degradation of Pastor’s ailing likeability is his bolder and more focused approach – as against the one who began his career standing for principles and position that weren’t popular just as controversial.  While the other’s campaign seems too finely calibrated to the electorates, Pastor veered off – from electorates to his opponent; this time, not his real-opponent – in this case too, a mistaken-opponent who is not a flag-bearer – Oshiomhole, an out-going Governor. This is the more reason you see them battling with too many words and too many issues and in the end, there is no message.
Stop there – Stop Oshiomhole! Aren’t we asking Oshiomhole too much in this state – or is he the one doing too much? We are, just as he is! We just ask of him to do too much – every societal failure, we put it off on Oshiomhole to solve, if we forget to blame him – this has been aggravated to an embarrassing height, in the build up to the election.
“PDP national leadership uprising and Edo state PDP post primary election crisis” – its Oshiomhole. “Flood ravaged a complete community in Okowa’s Delta state or near Mimiko’s family house” – find out if not Oshiomhole. “Husband jilts wife over too much salt in soup” – Oshiomhole is near the corner. “Not enough rain to grow farmers’ crops this year” – let’s give it to Oshiomhole to handle!
The other day, on Sapele Road, “cow veered into the federal highway” as shown on ITV – let’s have Oshiomhole chase loose cows! “Delta State Government could not pay salaries after budgeting its Federal allocation to support Edo PDP governorship election” – find out from Oshiomhole why Okowa is an infidel! “Okada Road in Usen has remained a rattletrap since human existence” – Oshiomhole stopped the Igbinedions from tarring it! Even the flood on Street No 1-14 in GRA – Oshiomhole lives there!
What about this; “Pastor is caught dipping his hands in the national treasury” – Oshiomhole instigated him to steal; give it to Oshiomhole to solve as well! “EFCC quiz Pastor for allged corruption” – Oshiomhole works in the commission! I think that is too much to ask even though he wouldn’t stop himself from initiating fresh projects and tarring new roads in his last mile of the road.
Sorry for digression – come back home. His actual resume reveals more – or, rather, less – than he intends. Look at his resume – his campaign pamphlet – “Simple Agenda”, “The Future is Now” is a theme that says nothing – not a good campaign slogan but, will find time to quid it because, it has provoked and earned its own “headline” in subsequent outings.
Everybody – good politicians will tell you that this election is about making it a two-person race and showing why you are better-off than “a Lucky”, if we cannot settle for “a standardized-Adams” – too bad!ad1
I don’t disagree with the opinion above, but I think Pastor will need to improve his odds, should in case voters find a reason to appreciate him – for his inability to heal a single headache or cast out a greedy-money-mongering demonic spirit  in his church or better still, voters decide to like him because he connived with the Igbinedions to undo them and want to vote for him – or voters want to compensate the PDP for how it mired the country’s progress and resulted in series of crisis – social-economic, political, ethnic, religious among others.
Not in our life time!

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