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Coup Against Self – Comrade Jude Imagwe


Immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan’s avowed commitment to a stable democracy and credibility in the nation’s electoral process ousted him from power, his former Special Senior Assistance (SSA), on Youth and Student Affairs, Comrade Jude Imagwe, declared at the weekend. He noted that the electoral reforms were more like a coup against himself.
Former President Jonathan bows out of office last week amid commendation for his statesmanship and patriotism in conceding the March 28, 2015 presidential election to President Muhammadu Buhari.

According to Imagwe, in spite of the power that reside with Jonathan as the President and Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria then, he declined to do otherwise but allowed the outcome of the election stand, a decision he said saved the nation from being plough into endless bloodshed across the Country.
Imagwe, who spoke in Benin City during an event organized by the Edo state chapter of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, (NYCN), to commemorate the 2015 democracy day while giving insights into
development after the 2015 election however urged the people to be optimistic in building a strong and virile nation for all.

According to him, I want to  thank you all for the support Edo state gave to Jonathan before, during and after the last elections as well as  throughout the period he stayed in office.

One thing Nigerians and every leaders from this moment needs to remember is that President Jonathan gave out what he was never given, what others would have ordinarily refused to give out, Mr. President gave it out freely irrespective of the power tied to him”

“Jonathan said let the voice of the people which is the voice of God counts, even in the 72 hours moment between the time and the hour the results was announced as president of the federal republic and Commander in-Chief of the Armed Forces then, he still have powers to have done otherwise but he maintained the promises and the covenant he had with Nigerian in 2011 when he said his ambition is not worth the blood of any Nigerian.

“Jonathan said he will give to Nigeria a transformed electoral process and that transformed process has caused him his dream but he is happier than any other person”.

The former SSA recalled that when he walked into Mr President’s office on May 6th
he was heartbroken and filled with pains, adding  “it wasn’t because Mr President did not worked but I saw the level of betrayal and gang up , and hatred exhibited by a sectional group of people in the country just for the purpose of taking power and I said only God himself would decide the faith of this country tomorrow

“I was trying to reconcile in my mind how I was going to look at the President and talk to him so I entered inside his office, he was looking at me and I was looking at him and the President remains one of the most humblest man I have seen with power”

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