By Igierobo Bonaventure Osagie

If a man is successful, he is respected. If a woman is successful she is less respected why? Barack Obama in his book “dreams from my father” once asked a question “How could we judge other men until we had stood in their shoes?” He went further in the preceding chapters to declare in remembrance of Faulkner that “the past is never dead and buried- It isn’t even past”. Life was very remarkable to former minister of petroleum resources Diezani Alison Madueke during her stint as super minister and oil czarina; life also has been remarkable to her even after she vacated that office. Hmmm……….. “To whom much is given na basket dem dey take follow am”. This is against the backdrop of the interview she granted veteran journalist/ovation magazine publisher Dele Momodu recently for his new publication- the Boss newspaper. The photos from the interview reveals our dazzling Diezani looking frail as she has lost weight and most of her hair gone due to breast cancer treatment.


To aggregate the opinions of the Honorable members of the Nigerian court of public opinion, “would she have had cancer if Jonathan had won the elections.” It is believed that the photographs of the interview were “photokiosked” one of the Honorable members posited that “she cannot steal that much money and not have cancer”. He therefore moved a #BringBackOurMoney motion on the floor of Facebook.

Not yet done another vocal member proposed that she should be given petroleum to drink instead of chemotherapy. While others murmur that “they hope this is not to make Nigerians activate sympathy mode; because they don’t trust Dele Momodu recreational exploitation. Innuendoes are raised that the said pictures can’t be Diezani but her grandma.

They alleged that Diezani stole so much that her next one hundred (100) generation will never be poor. Sickness is no excuse for not returning what is not yours, dead or alive. We want our money back. Unfortunately stolen funds can’t save anybody. They advised her to come back to Nigeria for her medical care! All sinners are liable to die young.


Minority leader Honorable Sinner opened his filibustering, “Humans really lack in love and kindness”. I wonder why women in and out of power are witch hunted. They started with Stella Oduah, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and now Diezani. Who jokes about death? Sighs! I have seen cancer first hand. I have lost a loved one to it and it hurts. The thought of her dying on her hospital bed with all her hair gone and finally dies still hurts me till today.

So for my distinguished colleagues to call this acting up or make-up artist (MUA) makes me sick, like I’m in tears right now”. If at the long run she dies of this God forbid and our dear anti- corruption squad finds out that she didn’t embezzle any money. What will they say to her family and all this heartless people, what will be their reaction, other than rest in peace or pieces…………At this stage Honourable omniwhatever took to the podium.

To my greatest surprise he took to prayers for anti-Diezani Honourable members: May people convict all of you in the court of public opinion before trial, and no chance be given to your defense, may people be fast to lay curses on you because you disagree to agree with their opinions. Let’s pray for this woman to recuperate. “When Nigerians are ready to look for their money, they will start from oil boom (1970s) to date. I so love Diezani despite her shortcomings, even her name sounds sexy”, he remarked. Till proven guilty she’s innocent. Petitions are mere allegations. I’m indifferent about her new look, not happy, not sad. Vanity upon vanity. At the end of the day, only a few things really matter. Often that which money cannot buy. Even the late Prince Audu Abubakar can concur. Please Lord heal our Diezani only for me”, he concluded.


In her own frail defense Diezani says “If there is one issue I must pursue in this world, it’s the biggest lie of this money. How can $20 billion dollars disappear just like that? Is it possible that such an amount of money would not be traceable? “Again, she adds “It is unfortunate that things didn’t work perfectly all the time as expected and as a leader I take the blame for those imperfections; but I’m certainly not a demon as being portrayed” She closed her defense by denying owning choice properties everywhere.


Good riddance to good rubbish, not many person who had an encounter with cancer have lived to tell the story. Often times, the story of the victim and his or her family is one filled with sorrow, tears and fear from the day the dreaded disease is discovered till death comes knocking. The most common cancers are cervical, breast and prostate cancer in men.

Diezani is not the first to suffer from cancer. People like the late Dora Akunyili, the late Clara Oshiomole, Gani Fawehinmi, and the late President Umaru Musa Yaradua among others all tasted cancer. If this is a PR stunt, she should be ready to come back to Nigeria to finish the song she started. She has no moral torso to seek for our sympathy. The task before our APC led Federal government is to commence building cancer specialized hospitals across the six geo-political zones in Nigeria. Cancer treatment is unavailable in most tertiary hospitals and only four public hospitals and one private hospital have such facilities in Nigeria.

At the moment, some of these are not functional. Nigeria has no access to optimal cancer treatment. Radiotherapy remains a luxury to Nigerians. Again, mobile cancer detection center’s (MCCs) should be established so that Nigerians can have access to basic cancer screening.

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