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Don’t Waste Your Time, Pastor (Part 2)


Don’t Waste Your Time, Pastor (Part 2)

By John Mayaki

The Peoples’ Democratic Party – home-abroad is confronting a daunting electoral map, survival and significant intra-party disadvantages even as we approach the zero-hour to the September 10th Governorship election – however, the party is preparing to fall back to Edo Central votes with the bulk of her time – five local government areas to sweep her way to Osadebey Avenue – after the red card in Edo North.

But, there’s over there, a roadblock! Their calculations have been untied by the ravaging All Progressives Congress (APC) and the bubble busted – thoroughly smashed. Today, in Edo Central – from Ewu to Irua, Ubiaja to Ekpoma, Uromi and beyond, it’s all endorsements galore – not the ‘arrangee’ and micro-managed outing of the PDP.

For instance, hear how the Onojie of Uromi with his counterpart from Opoji, Ubiaja and Ekpoma nailed the PDP’s coffin, “I do not trust Pastor Ize Iyamu enough to become a Governor. My people want Godwin Obaseki. I am not a politician but a business man. Politics is not about sentiment but development”, these highly respected custodians of our customs and tradition revealed.

They didn’t stop there. Hear this, “I supported him (Oshiomhole) before and he has been nice to the people of Uromi so we have no fear in the candidacy of the All Progressive Congress, Mr. Godwin Obaseki and his Deputy.
“I will pray and the ancestors of this land will support them to make sure that they fulfil their dreams” Onojie of Uromi poured his sincere heartfelt support.

Wouldn’t you ‘dust the sand in your sandals’ and take to your heels from such as place – assuming you are Pastor? As reality dawn?

But hear this – on that their visit, they needlessly bribed the traditional rulers and trust, the Royal Highnesses turned it down – food meant for idols! And, just as they were leaving, the fearless Opoji Royal Father took to the microphone in the market-square and announced the ‘fake’ – no wonder, he was threatened. It’s a daunting task!

The following factors will further crash the PDP’s hope here – Oshiomhole’s achievements, Obaseki’s family tie with the Esans, APC men-of-timbers-and-calibers, the role of Rt. Hon. Mr. Speaker, Dr. Justin Okonoboh and other political appointees like Commissioner Didi Adodo who is ever ready to crush anything that smells PDP. I hear his colleague commissioners from Esan are hatching a plan to give the PDP a bloody nose on Election Day.

Or, where will they pass when Mr. Victor Eboigbe is right over there non-sleeping? Did you see Professor Oserheimen Osunbor over there in Iruekpen? What about those die-hard Edo N’ Safe Hands loyalists? This group, so formidably built by the Director General of the Obaseki Campaign Organization, Hon. Bar. Osarodion Ogie and Comrade Hon. Philip Shaibu is said to be ready to crack anything crackable from the PDP.

Over there, you see Comrade Peter Esele – he will deplore his labour union tactics of mobilization, engagements and prowess – his campaign structure is already being oiled on a daily basis and would be rolled in on the PDP.

But, wait, there is the man, Chief Inegbeneki – the Ozoya – he doesn’t play the away matches but home. He’s right there waiting for them let alone, the indefatigable State party Chairman – a three-time-Commissioner, the Honourable Chief Barrister Anselm Ojezua. Where are the Shaka Momodus among others? Leave Mr. Speaker, Rt. Hon. Justine Okonoboh – he will bare his fangs!

Our people are a grateful lots – we have a rich cultural value of never compensating failure but hardwork – appreciation for good things when we see them and that’s the more reason Edo Central will prefer Obaseki to continue from where Comrade Oshiomhole stopped.

Pastor is campaigning bare-handedly – nothing – “I will do this”. “I will do that”. “I will probe Oshiomhole” and “I will build a castle in the air for the people”. “I will construct an overhead bridge from Ring Road to Auchi”! Day-dreamers!

This divisive campaign messages will further alienate the voters and swing the votes against the PDP – unfortunately, Pastor’s most plausible senatorial district. The APC intensive campaign here, makes it a must-win coupled with that threat on traditional rulers.

But, Obaseki is campaigning thus: We have done Isua-Uzunema Road, Irrua-Usugbenu-Ugbegun-Ujogba Road, Ewohimi-Ewatto-Ohordua-Emu-Okhuesan Road, Amedokhian-Ugboha Road, Igueben-Ewohimi-Ewatto-Ohordua-Emu-Okhuesan Road, Igueben-Udo Road, Ugbegun-Ujogba-Ebudin Road, Ewohimi – Agadagba Road, and flagged off the construction of 7.5km dual-carriage intra-city roads in Ekpoma – this is apart from hospitals and schools. And, we will do more – continuity.

Juxtapose both campaigns and see who the good people of Esan would vote for – I mean between “I will” and “We have”.

And so, the votes to be counted by Pastor in Edo Central remained narrow – and may have grown even more precarious. It now looks exceedingly difficult for him to assemble even the barest swing wards – like Arue ward – where the godfather lives in Uromi. He sure will have that polling unit, with that of Ugbesias. Any other?
Obaseki will sure carry the day in this local government area – I can place a bet on this – though betting is unchristlike. Pastor can ‘run-away’ with the fragment of less than 35% total votes cast – he should console himself – No venture, no success! No harm in trying.

In all fairness, the PDP should be kind to herself by looking at the mirror – compare and contrast both the pictorial evidences at the APC and PDP campaigns – the sea of people – still pictures and electronic footages – then spot the difference! If, peradventure, Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is asked to conduct a mock election in this Senatorial District today, am sure the Pastor knows he would go home shedding tears. Don’t Waste Your Time, Pastor!

See you in part 3…..

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