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Economic conference or some waste of time…


Any conference now by whatever name called will be a huge distraction. It is unnecessary and will not yield any tangible outcome. It will be a wild goose chase.
Economic policy making is not rocket sense, neither is it about “big grammar”. It’s about long term vision and the capacity to translate that vision into reality. It is not about today’s challenges alone, but about building the future.
Nigeria needs a 50-year strategic economic framework that is internally consistent and credible nationally and internationally. Nigeria needs sound policies and sectoral targets that will keep everybody busy not around an electoral cycle but around a generational cycle.
Professor Soyinka was the one who coined the idea of a “wasted generation”. Sure, he was right, since we now have a whole generation of Nigerians, in their fifties who never experienced a 24/7 power supply at any point in their lives. And now we are also somehow raising millennials, those born at the turn of the 21st century who have never seen the four walls of a classroom. Only a vision can address these anomalies.
The leadership always craft the vision and share it with the citizens. This is what PMB needs to do at this moment. Articulate a vision which will underpin inspiring economic policies that will galvanize the populace towards the attainment of the Nigerian economic dream. Simple.

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