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Edo 2016: Beware of poisoned chalice, APC Chief warns


As the tenure of Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole winds up next year, a Chieftain of the state Chapter of the All Progressive Party (APC), Edo South Senatorial District, Elder Imariagbe Osakue has warned the people to be weary of some aspirants who pretend to have the interest of the state at heart, saying “they could be poisoned chalice”.

Elder Osakue in a statement warned saying, “make no mistake about it; most of these big names parading themselves by flaunting experiences and ill-gotten wealth do not have the potent solution to the present day challenges to the economies of governance across the country and the future of the state.

“Our people and the delegates in particular, must be extra careful by using their tongues to count their teeth because, all that glitter is not gold; they could be poisoned chalice and booby traps. If we sell our conscience today and vote in a man who has no knowledge of governance, how the economic foundation of the state was built and sustained till date, we all might have ourselves to blame.

“Some call themselves political giants, others say they are political ‘iroko’ with financial war chest, while others strive to wear the toga of philanthropist, but one thing is certain; all that glitter is not gold just as they do not translate to the potent solution needed to manage the threatening economic situation.

“I want to urge all stakeholders to put on their thinking caps and ask themselves; what do we want as a people or as a party post-Adams Oshiomhole? The civil servants, religious leaders, genuine civil society organizations and the various labour leaders inclusive; they must immediately go back to the drawing board to determine what they want for the future of our Dear state.

“Do we want a man who does not have the solution to the ravaging socio-economic down-turn we are facing in the country or a man who simply parades a voluminous curriculum vitae without the wherewithal to get water from the rock?

“If we jeopardize this golden opportunity by building upon this solid economic foundation laid by Adams Oshiomhole in the next election, we sure will all have ourselves to blame. Let it be on record that we have the choice to make; good or bad, as it concerns our future. We must rise above petty sentiments, and put politics aside in making and taking this onerous decision.

“The man to watch out for is not necessarily the itinerant politician that we have always known for the past decades or the man with a carry-over huge political baggages and political indebtedness.

“The man to watch out for is that man who will not bring down the existing and already built good-will. The man who is clear-headed and abreast with the history of our economic foundation and the man who has the ability and capacity to build upon the solid economic policies of Adams Oshiomhole for the sustainable development and prosperity of our Dear state.

“If we eat our future today by collecting stipends and gifts here and there and consequently sell our consciences by enthroning a poisoned chalice, we will have to live with the choices we make”, Osakue warned.


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