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Edo 2016: Ogie fires back as Obaseki keeps mum


I, Chief Micheal Edorodion Ogie who no doubt is very well known in Edo State by my bylines in various newspapers and social activities initially was hesistant to dignify this brazen, undeserved, mindless, callous and opportunistic assault on my beloved easy-going ,calm ,responsible, focused and God-fearing junior brother (God be with him every moment of his life). However, I quickly realised i have a bounden duty to by any hack writer, social malcontent or venal politician on the Ogbebor/Ogie family, an illustrious family with ancient roots and a proud history of which i am today the Oka-egbe.

Our grandfather was Chief Ogbebor Osifo,one of the grandchildren of a great Benin Chief called EHONWA who was himself the son of Ezomo of Benin Kingdom at that period in history. Ehonwa was a man of stupendous wealth whom the Binis complimented with the remark”Ogbe ma gue ere onado zuroladianvbo ore nokhua”. That part of the kingdom that ehonwa’s estate occupied is today known as Unu-Abehe, a shouting distance from the Oba’s palace.

During his life time, Chief Ogbebor (a.k.a Ogbebor N’ukewhe) was a prominent official emissary of the Oba of Benin whose presence in any village or town that fell within the jurisdiction of the Oba of Benin set shivers down the spines of every man in such community, village or town. Outside the palace of the Obaand especially in rural settlements, his word was law. Indeed he was the Oba’s taxman.

Ogbebor who died in the year 1934 sired the following male children in order of seniority.

(1) Osiomwanuri

(2) Aghariaha

(3) Ogie Igbinigie (the father of barrister Osariodion Ogie and this writer)

(4) Igbineweka

(5) Ikuaghogho

(6) Enagbonma

Ogie Igbinigie left home early in his life and settled down in urhobo land in Delta State where he married the undermentioned three women who bore all his children for him

(1) Ofigo (from Ughiemwen)

(2) Ibamu (from Oteri Ughelli-my mother)

(3) Inaba (from Ekiugbo,Ughelli- Osariodion’s mother)

Osariodion and his twin brothern Osaguona (Teddy) were born at the Anglican Maternity, Awo street, Benin City on september 24, 1960 and NOT at Sapele or anywhere in Delta as mendaciously asserted in the said advertorial by the failed and disgruntled politicians.Osariodion Ogie is therefore on the basis of ethnic origin, education, profession, character and antecedent, eminently qualified for election as Governor of Edo State come 2016.

Pa Aghariaha and Pa Igbineweka although are now of blessed memory still have their houses at Ogbe Quarters Benin City as at today and these houses are occupied by their children and grand children.

Osariodion’s fathers built his first house at Ogbesasa Street, Benin City and later built two more houses at Ugbekun (Upper Sakponba Road) where some of his children, grandchildren and his third wife Inaba (the mother of Osariodion) are effectively in occupation as at today. Pa Ogie Ogbebor our dearest father passed on to eternal glory on 11th March 1990 and was buried in one of his houses at Ugbekun Quarters, Upper Sakponba Road,Benin City.

Finally, I must state unequivocally that i am not a politician and i am not on an errand for any political party. I have only dutifully decided to expose the liars and bury their falsehood in the pit of lies in my position as the Oka-Egbe of both Ogbebor and Ogie families (Double Oka-Egbe).

In this season of lies and desperation,the general public should expect more of these embarrassments and gratuitous insults as part of the dirty game in the murky water of politics.

Thank one and all.



Founder,New Life Chapel of The Trinity, Ugbor

and Oka-Egbe of Ogbebor/Ogie Families

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