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Edo 2016: These Vain Contestants


Edo 2016: These Vain Contestants

Are you contesting the Edo 2016 gubernatorial election? Why are you in the race; for the sake of it? Could it be for negotiation of appointment or juicy contract? Wait not in vain, Mr. Governorship Aspirant as you may be contesting in vain.

Be you in the ruling party or the ex-ruling party; no compensation, no loitering. No waiting and no standing; keep moving or collapse your structure, if any and step out!

Be warned; no negotiation, no compromise. Nobody will listen to you when the chips are down. Whatever expenses you are running may become charity someday. Worst still, it may not just count for you as philanthropy either way since you invested on press releases and social media.

Don’t be hurt when this reality is dawn on you; nothing more than feelings. It’s a world of hurts; don’t take offence after taking a chance.

However, if you decide otherwise, and choose to be a professional contestant altogether, always waiting for the next three years when the game goes against you and after the winner advances to playoffs; it could be sardonic.  Am sure you know our professional contestants?

Admittedly though, you’ve got to be in it to win it but not when you know that you do not qualify to go the full hug to clinch the prize.

All the same, if you got the political muzzle, please test the murky waters and contest. If you jump into it without testing its depth, it could be apathetic.

But it just dawn on me that some dudes aren’t contesting this election. Chief among them is the man who boasted that his family endorsed him not the other for the seat, others would team up to take painkiller for his brother. Who bewitched him? He seems not in the race from all indications. When last did you hear from him? I don’t mean on radio or television. I mean as a delegate, have you seen him calling at your ward or local government area? Has he got a party card? Does he know the difference between unit and ward?

For him and others, especially another jester from Edo North, contesting governorship election is to erect a signpost at the KingSquare and run your mouth on the mass media. Unfortunately, as we speak, nobody has been kind and generous to tell them that delegates have a role to play than radio programs and socio media postings. For dearth of statistics, I am unable to show how many delegates are on social media. They are right there in their cocoons; villages, units and wards and not on the airwaves.

Don P is in the class of one Mr. Emuan just as BAMM. They flock together. There, you would find Chris Iyare, Dr. Amadasun among others. Wait, where is Ofeimun Odia? He declared interest the other day to run for the highest political office in Edo State in Lagos and in the media. Matthew Atamah are you there? Its ok ooo.

When the chips are down they would be the first to shout “godfatherism. Equal playing field. Justice and Fair play”. There you go.

Even Osaro Onaiwu of the PDP seems more on ground politically than this set of social media contestants. He, and Matthew Iduoriyekemwen look like persons contesting Council election while Solomon is said to be a good classroom material but I differ. He would do well as a proprietor of an Orphanage home; less noise, quiet life.

Somebody accused Peter Esele, and Prof. Oserhiemen Osunbor of not doing well politically and that delegates are waiting for them but they are nowhere to be found. This allegation is understandably. The issue of zoning is more important for now and this won’t allow them visibility until the coast is clear, it seems. Or what do you think?

The Riceman is doing great; zoning or no zoning. His investment on delegates and non-delegates is quite legendary and encouraging. The other day, while atop a lorry, he stoned my head with a bag of rice. Poor me, I couldn’t catch it, a more muscular delegate picked it up and I went home sad. Am not sure he has a vote in me, as am still nursing my pulse.

Don’t mind my bias, Imansuagbon seems to me a more serious aspirant than some bewitched others. He has gone beyond rice rituals to awarding scholarships. For him, this is not because he is contesting election but a way of giving back to society from the much God has blessed him with. Great man; one day, your time will come, maybe not now.

I find it notoriously hard to believe that politics wins it. Am sure you know politics is not the only game in town and that you can jumpstart a spiral in other drives as all the bridges are not rusted. People tend to choose to contest for political splash but have little underlying logic.

As it stands, the one, firebrand economist turned politician may run you down soonest; be warned. By June, if you found yourself swept up owing to your defiant anti-realistic political mood, you will be in deep shit the morning after.

Worst case scenario, you expect an inconclusive primary election, meaning you are a huge joke. At the Dr. Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium, the primaries would be conclusive and nothing farther than that just as in various polling units across the state during the general elections.

Don’t fear when you meet the steel scoopers!

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One Comment

  1. Adebanji Aluko

    May 28, 2016 at 3:11 am

    Who wrote this piece? Witty and interesting. It is fantastically and ‘iconoclastically’ good.


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