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A Female Candidate Likely?

Have you thought of this possibility – that the on-going delegates-craft can go the other way – women-folks changing the equation? Am afraid; Lady Tina Agbara may eventually be the beneficiary of this male-dominated jagged game.

Assuming women constitute 30% of the total number of delegates from the 192 wards in the state, and all – in protest against the never-accommodating males – vote for the only female aspirant; Mrs. Tina Agbara while the remaining 70% is fragmented amongst the 10 male contestants – what would be the result?

Can you solve this non-quadratic but simultaneous equation, if the opportunity is not yet lost?

If you arrive at the answer, please, keep the formula – it would be needed next time – I am told, just now – from the field report that women botched their only opportunity to bite.

Don’t you think the female-folks are not ripe for such hi-tech political maneuvering of this male-dominated turf?

Maybe next time, when they take their self-inflated gender “equality or inequality” campaign beyond their present day grandstanding.

And the Breaking News!

What’s breaking in the News? It’s belated!

That he won? That’s no news please – it’s the handiwork of delegates who have been chanting continuity and would not let a flameout.

We saw it coming – just that we didn’t contemplate the magnitude – that the One, a firebrand economist-turned-politician would run you down soonest; I did forewarned in the article, “These Vain Contestants”.

It was wrapped-up thus: Don’t fear, when you meet the Steel Scoopers!

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