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Edo Governorship primary: “Aspirants need to run scared”, Oshiomhole’s aide


As the Governorship primary elections of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo state is around the corner, the party “needs to run scared and eschew politics of blackmail, bitterness and internal bickering in other to avoid political bruises into the general elections”, the Executive Director, Media and Public Affairs to Edo State Governor, Mr. John Mayaki has warned.

Mayaki said the most crucial thinking of every progressive is to have an APC successor to the Comrade Governor, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole who is aiming to assail an opposition candidate because, “I have no doubt the party’s primary contests would yield a pretty good sense of who the nominee will end up to be”.

According to Mayaki, “The Comrade Governor has been very respectful of all the aspirants, while placing the interest of the party first. He is careful not to put his thumb on the scale, but at some point, the verdict is the verdict and that point is almost certainly here.

“I expect Mr. Governor to formally stump and aggressively campaign for the party’s nominee among the aspirants, starting with a formal endorsement of the nominee’s candidacy immediately after the primary but not after blackmailing him”.

Mayaki says the Governor, who sees an APC successor as critical to his legacy, is impatient to begin campaigning. He said, “Mr. Governor is taking nothing for granted”.

“I want us to run scared the whole time as a party because we have a general election ahead of us. It is novel that a second-term Governor enjoys the popularity to be a potent force on the campaign trail, and equally have an eye on who succeeds him”.

Mr. Governor is particularly enthusiastic, Mayaki said, about taking on the opposition party and whoever their presumptive candidate would be.

Continuing, Mayaki said, “He (the Governor) has indicated he wants to spend a lot of time on the campaign trail, so when it’s time to do that, we’ll all go out guns ablazing.

“We should begin to actively think through how to bring everyone together in the party; what works for the would-be party nominee, what works for the Governor, and how to utilize his strengths and his appeal.

“A would-be nominee will earn Governor Oshiomhole’s endorsement and his active participation in the campaigns because he is particularly strong at making the economic argument for the party’s candidate. Besides, his position in the party and popularity made him ideally suited to counter any opposition.

“No one really rewards politicians fighting each other in a general election”, Mayaki said. “The party needs to run scared. The party is full of attack dogs. Mr. Governor needs the support of everyone including the aspirants having made us feel better about our economic future”.

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