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ForteAdams Airline and Orbih’s assignment

Some vouchers should be expected from Chief Dan Orbih sooner than later; I mean the Edo State Peoples’ Democratic Party chairman.
He will display the vouchers, don’t worry if they are fake or stolen from wherever but, he certainly will not release them to journalists to verify their authenticity.
“Some slush funds have been pocketed!”, he would alarm on the rooftop.
“The sum of N2 billion and more others have been uncovered as approvals to some private individuals”, the rabble rouser would claim.
And, to add salt to his already sore festered mouth, he would claim the money was part of which was used to set up the recently rumoured ‘ForteAdams’ Airline in Cape Verde and co-owned by Adams and Forte.
He maintains a punky and jibe-like insouciance nearby Edo State Government while making dumb allegations all the time.
The other time, even most recent and classical one was an allegation of frittered N200 Billion.
He had alleged, the other day, that a humongous sum of N200 Billion has been netted into one man’s pocket and in this case, the breast pocket.
Can you hide a humongous sum of N200 Billion in your chest pocket? This is not exaggeration taken too far; in Dan Orbih’s imagination, it is doable.
“It may have been sourced in hard currencies to contain the purse”, don’t you think this was Orbih’s theory?
In a translucently transparent government like the one in Edo State, it is quicker and easier for a graphene-based scanner to reveal images hidden under layers of paint- it’s the latest in a growing toolkit of imaging technologies that conservators can draw on to investigate.
This technology can penetrate layers of paint and dirt to reveal previously unknown features without laying a finger, let alone a scalpel; I employ Orbih to order for one or how else should Orbih’s allegation on Oshiomhole be proved?
Rather for a continuous lie to stick, it’s revealing the truth by the day. Our brains had suck figures from Orbih who uses it at random (data or figures used inter-changeably) to deceive us and seeking to make us do dumb things to affect our daily existence.
Orbih has a cognitive bias either for figures or Oshiomhole such that whenever he speaks to the microphone on figures, Oshiomhole must feature in the attack.
If a man’s lie reveals the truth, he can be said to be slightly less stupid. He may pose to have data about everything being done in government but does not live within the confines of Osadebey Avenue, where, even the market women can effortlessly access; it is so because governance isn’t an organization that is opaquely administered.
To fritter away like Orbih alleged is to squander. Even if he meant pocketed, it does not enjoy rigorous test; his allegations cannot and have never endured or stand the test of time.
To be exact, he alleged that Governor Oshiomhole had deducted about N200 billion from the Councils since he assumed office as governor in 2008.
He didn’t stop there, he adduced the paucity of funds and the inability of the councils to pay salaries to alleged deductions from the state government.
Despite concerted efforts at budgets and released audited financial statements of accounts, Orbih wouldn’t cringe.
He has capacity to manufacture and or fabricate extra-large figures that are capable of pulling off the roof.
Traditionally, he would release them during “celebrated” press conferences but am sure, he also doesn’t believe himself; knowing fully well that his figures are not just hopelessly biased but dished out to less-investigative reporters who would hurriedly serve us the lies a la carte.
For the records, Edo State Government has paid out a total N2 billion gratuity to 539 pensioners from the 2010, 2011 batch in the state, even as the state workers have got their salaries for January, 2016.
For Orbih, it’s not a big deal.
But a word for my colleagues and media owners. What makes a reporter smarter than the itinerant politician is the formers’ ability to unearth the hidden things around him by thorough investigation and a knack for the news but not here, anymore.
Gone are those days when no serious reporter worth his onion will listen to a rabidly and innately professional liar like we have in Edo State Peoples Democratic Party.
The payment of the pensioners’ gratuity is in fulfillment of the promise of Governor Adams Oshiomhole to defray the pension liability to the retired workers.
Those who got their payment alerts were those already screened and have done their biometrics.
And those who have errors in their account details, some who didn’t turn up for screening and others whose records were incomplete are yet to get their payment alerts.
One hundred and seventy five pensioners from the 2010 batch and three hundred and sixty four from the 2011 batch who were successfully verified have been paid their gratuities.

In all these, Orbih is so unencumbered by the responsibility of adulthood and ungentlemanlike behavior; a potentially self-destructive form of behavior.
Am sure, he knows, that one day, he can no longer eat half a cow in the time it takes him to brush his teeth. And when that day comes, he would be ready; it’s only the truth.
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