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Edo political appointments: “Beware of ‘voodoo list’ in circulation”, Govt


Edo State Government has warned of a certain ‘voodoo document’ in circulation purported to have contained details of all political appointments made by the Governor Adams Oshiomhole led administration, saying the document was not only concocted, falsified and fictitious, it is capable of causing ethnic and social tension in the peaceful state.

A statement by the Executive Director on Media and Public Affairs, Governor’s Office, Mr. John Mayaki, called on unsuspecting members of the public to be weary of the ‘voodoo list’ of political appointments made in each of the senatorial districts because the information contained therein was concocted to heighten ethnic and social upheavals in the build up to the 2016 elections.

Mayaki said, “I suspect the ‘voodoo document’ reeled out on a local television station in Benin City recently by some hired agents. We must be circumspect and disregard the content because it does not represent and reflect the true state of political appointments made by the Adams Oshiomhole led administration.

“As we approach the zero hour, desperate politicians and those who want to benefit from ethnic disharmony have been recruited amongst us and armed with fictitious documents to whip up ethnic sentiments, ostensibly to blackmail their target to possibly surrender to their agitation and in order for a particular Senatorial District to produce the Comrade Governor’s successor.

“I don’t think that falsification of a list of political appointments to whip up ethnic sentiment will guarantee or quench their nefarious and dubious thirst, no matter how good their intentions to their Senatorial District. Rather, it would engender bad blood politics.

“We do not need to be told or reminded that nothing is or can be more prosperous than peace. Unless we eschew politics of intrigue and call a spade a spade and not any other name, we are very likely to flounder.

“These group of persons who have armed themselves to constantly sprinkle dew of hate, suspicion and ethnicity should not only be condemned, they must be told the daring consequences of their actions and its effects on peace and sustainable livelihood.

“We must on our own take measures to create a platform of understanding and mutual trust between the various ethnic groups, because, if conflict is planted during electioneering, the consequences such as violence and ethnic conflict, often resurfaces long after the polls had been concluded.

“I therefore, urge Edo people, irrespective of political affiliation to focus on issues that promote peace, democracy and stability in Edo state, through socio-cultural groups, youth-driven organizations and the media.

“Let me state here that ethnicity have never been a yardstick for appointing political office holders and of sharing of social amenities in the Adams Oshiomhole led administration and will never be. Equity, competence, justice, and fair play have been the watchword and guiding principles of Mr. Governor because he was popularly elected as a governor of the entire state and not a section”.

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