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Edo Statement of Account: When Dan Orbih Juggled Figures

Dan Orbih
Dan Orbih
A time was, when figures were bandied around in Edo State by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Chairman.  The figure juggler is no one else than Chief Dan Orbih and it borders on Edo state Government Financial Statement of Account.
JOHN MAYAKI in this report, write on Edo State Government audited statement of account as against Dan Orbih’s falsehood.
Chief spy, or a mere criminal who burgles Government privacy? He juggles figures at will after helpless hallucinations in the comfort of his palatial residence.  He conjures and speculates government expenditures in order to gain public sentiment against a popular and prudent government.
Does the embattled Orbih, qualifies as our own Wikileaks or an unprofessional and unethical fellow who engages in a crude and unorthodox means of obtaining government records?
Can I put him to task; to within the next 24 hours, leak details of Edo State government 2014 expenditures or statement of account?  However, if he fails, I will assist him.  This site will release the full details, if he cannot reach out for The Nation Newspaper or Vanguard on Wednesday,  27th, 2015.
But we haven’t seen him at his best in recent times especially on television screen, sweating profurously on fabricated documents and one which borders on government spending. As a pathological discreditor, am sure he has a different version of this financial statement since he easily can forge one.
Has Orbih retired from work? Who retired him like Adamu Mu’azu? The outcome of the election and failure that befell his party, or the axe being dangled on his head by his party? Is he considering his forceful resignation?
He’s got a tall dream fuelled by over-ambition to either occupy Osadebey Avenue by hook or crook; to fast-track this, the tool of impeachment was an option. An inordinate desire gang-hashed against Governor Adams Oshiomhole.  This kind of wishful thinking makes me cringe.
A mouthy Dan Orbih, no doubt, brought damages to his political career.  How he will end, is for me to predict but certainly, the handwriting is on the wall.
How has the razzmatazz, hullabaloos and frenzies helped him?  Where does this place Orbih in the unfolding political history of Edo State and Nigeria?  He carried out a yeoman’s job no doubt.  He witch-hunted Oshiomhole or he embarked on an objective venture, when he held-us spell bound  and fed us with false information for which he could be liable; the Orbih’s new form of mercantilism.
Edo people would today, have the privilege of obtaining the audited and certified government expenditure from the right source without much ado or an atom of doubt on its authenticity and correctness.
For 2014, the year ended; let’s ignore the ignoramus and his figures, since government has a responsibility to shed light on its activities and expenditures – open governance, accountability, transparency and due process.
Expectedly too, some people believed Orbih’s lies. If nothing, a few believe government should respond to Orbih’s high fever and of course, there is time for everything because, if you run after a naked-mad man who challenges you to a duel, you are likely not going to be different from the lunatic after all.
Governance is all about due process and not without bureaucracy. It’s not run on impulse as Dan Orbih is wont.  However, we are urging no return to Orbihism.  It was the creation of a certain time and a peculiar set of circumstances.  What applied then may not work today.
For Orbih, therefore, what is necessary is a period of sustained reflection and how he can lead his party in opposition if he is not axed like Mu’azu.
The task for him is about how his party speaks, the way it pitches its appeal, as this is vastly more important than who their next leader is, because if you ask me, Dan Orbih paid and he is still paying the price for his wizardry and as such, heading home for a long rest.
He will, however, do well to compare notes between the falsehood he peddled and the reality.
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