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‘Eve-lyn or Evil-lyn’, Oshiomhole’s Problem of His Own Making


‘Eve-lyn or Evil-lyn’, Oshiomhole’s Problem of His Own Making

The Comrade Governor of Edo State, Mr. Adams Oshiomhole has no one to blame but himself – over the just offloaded dirtbag – who made scathing statements of ‘unripen Mango or Tomatoes’ becoming the candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), for the 2016 gubernatorial election.

Whatever she’s called – ‘Evil-lyn or Eve-lyn’ thinks she could rise to stardom by ruffling a cautious government policy – every now and then. Sometimes, she overrate herself, thinking she is outspoken – not knowing the full capacity of the helmsman who hired her.

Don’t border tracing her political trajectory from the old Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) – at Urubi or Okada House – when ‘yeye Ologbosere’ called the shots – she flourished then in what she knows how to do best.

She is not alone in this game – biting the fingers feeding them and yet, won’t stop feeding from the blood-soaked hands – unless they are forced to disengage. Her ilk abound even in the system – they were those who swore, with hands raised to heavens that Oshiomhole would never be Governor of Edo state but today, see them taking appointments from the same man they so much loath – Shameless characters of “mixed multitudes’.

Sometimes, they can decide to relinquish their position in government and decamp to the umbrella party and when they feel like strolling back, there are no caveats – they do so with ease – and their portfolios and office accommodations await them – sometimes promotion.

In what seemed then like a relatively low-risk appointee, has metastasized into one going against a cautious policy decision taken by delegates through an overwhelming votes – that will positively influence the direction of the state for generations and determine her future.

This is the indiscipline we must summon courage to condemn, no matter our relationship with them – though diplomatically.

If you have an Alsatian sitting in front of you, and it growls at you and bares its teeth, there are two ways of dealing with it – you can pat it on the head, in which case it’ll bite you, or you can kick it really  hard – wielding the big knife. Offload the dirtbag!

The first formula was Oshiomholes’ and that was his undoing. The later wins it, and that he has found courage to do.

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