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Excess Crude Account: See The State That Received The Highest Amount


According to the recent disclosure by the Minister of Finance Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of how funds from Nigerian Excess Crude Account (ECA) are being disbursed, the amount each states of the federation received have been itemized as culled from her reports. in her words; “it had become necessary to make the figures public following recent accusations by the Rivers state governor on behalf of state governors”.

From 2011 to 2014, A total of N2.92 trillion has been distributed to 36 states from the Excess Crude Account.

AKWA IBOM – N265.06bn (1st)

RIVERS – N230.40bn (2nd)

DELTA – N216.76bn (3rd)

BAYELSA – N176.32bn (4th)

KANO – N106.48bn (5th)

LAGOS – N82.94bn (6th)

ONDO – N81.72bn (7th)

KADUNA – N79.97bn (8th)

KATSINA – N76.17bn (9th)

BORNO – N75.29bn (10th)

OYO – N74.27bn (11th)

IMO – N71.89bn (12th)

NIGER – N71.81bn (13th)

BAUCHI – N69.53bn (14th)

EDO – N67.56bn (15th)

BENUE – N67.24bn (16th)

JIGAWA – N66.52bn (17th)

KOGI – N61.99bn (18th)

OSUN – N61.44bn (19th)

SOKOTO – N61.22bn (20th)

ANAMBRA – N59.99bn (21th)

ADAMAWA – N59.79bn (22th)

KEBBI – N59.49bn (23rd)

OGUN – N59.13bn (24th)

CROSS RIVER – N56.78bn (25th)

PLATEAU – N56.40bn (26th)

ABIA – N56.16bn (27th)

YOBE – N55.07bn (28th)

ZAMFARA – N53.87bn (29th)

TARABA – N53.63bn (30th)

KWARA – N52.80bn (31st)

ENUGU – N51.65bn (32nd)

GOMBE – N47.76bn (33rd)

NASARAWA – N46.89bn (34th)

EKITI – N46.80bn (35th)

EBONYI – N44.32bn (36th)

The balance as at May 2015 is $2.07 billion. The fluctuation in the ECA according to the statement from the ministry of finance explained that “the sharing of the proceeds usually requested by state governors as well as the practice of Augmentation which involves additional sharing from the ECA when available funds are not adequate to meet revenue projections.”
The ministry noted that Subsidy and SURE-P payments are also made from the Excess Crude Account while the Federal Government’s share from the ECA during the period was N3.29 trillion.

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