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How CBN, Savannah Bank destroyed my father—Victim


Many lives and businesses have suffered and are still suffering due to the sudden closure of Savannah Bank by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the seeming inability of the owners of the bank to raise capital to reopen the bank. Below is the account of one of our readers, Mr. Uche Ephraim, on how the Savannah Bank saga led to the sudden and early death of his father.

The Central Bank of Nigeria head office  in Abuja.

“Thank you very much Izu Emmanuel and God bless the Publisher of Vanguard Newspaper for making the voice of the voiceless heard in Nigeria. What Savannah bank did to my family cannot be told with living mouth.

“All the earning of my father was saved in Savannah Bank for the purpose of the children but all turned to a disaster just at the moment we needed it most. This act brought untold hardship to my family and the shock of the bank liquidation did not spare my dad’s life as he suffered shock and finally gave up the ghost when there was no hope!

“A school teacher, who retired as a vice principle but was unfortunate not to marry early enough. So the children could not enjoy his role as a father when he was in active service. But the man did plan and saved for his family. In fact his ‘will’ clearly suggests a man who planned for the future but the country is not a respecter of citizens hence things go just anyhow. It hurts till today even CBN has not taken a stand on the depositors of the defunct bank and instead what it is interested is N6 ATM charge. That is nonsense.

“Even Biometric Verification Number (BVN) itself is nonsense because if I don’t have money, how can I deposit in various banks? The BVN, if needed should have been for those in government offices or if you have a certain amount of money in the bank.

“Then you will be called for BVN. Let CBN act and give me my money inherited from my Dad’s will locked-up in Savannah Bank. I will go into legal battle with the owners of the bank and it is only God that can tell the damages they have caused. Thank you Vanguard for the opportunity to express myself, I will follow this case to a logical conclusion. Please help us form a pressure group.

“All the victims of the bank should register and let us devise means to channel our problem and have it resolved. We will get headquarter in all geopolitical zones and have representatives. With that we can have this matter resolved. Nigeria should devise a means to bring culprits to book. God of vengeance will not let us down

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