Nigerian  society has actually transformed President Muhammadu Buhari, a ‘converted  democrat’, setting aside the memorable military bloody reign of terror; still  displaying that military orientation with a resounding powerful, very concise,  heavily loaded Mission Statement in 1,863-1,916 words.

buhari-change-LOGOHe avowed  to serve as the President of all, irrespective of political, ethnicity, or  religious affiliations, detached from being categorized as a religious zealot, Buhari philosophically stated, Friday, May 29, 2015, 1:39:34 pm, “Having just a  few minutes ago sworn on the Holy Book, I intend to keep my oath and serve as  President to all Nigerians. I belong to everybody and I belong to nobody.”


Dale Carnegie once said, “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain  but it takes character and self control to be understanding and  forgiving”.  Buhari has assured Nigerians that his  administration will decisively tackle the country’s problems. As he takes the mantle of leadership of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, he belongs to EVERYBODY and belongs to NOBODY, who wants to pocket the country  at the expense of the suffering Nigerians.

Nobody stays in his room and presses  the button on how certain issues should be addressed in Nigeria; otherwise heads  will break loose if EVERYBODY deviates from NOBODY’s script. Nigerians MUST work together to solve the challenges caused by the  xenophobic, egotistical, repressive, and uncouth NOBODY and turned around to  rain blames of good job. The heartless NOBODY at the sunset of their life; even  not believing in life after death, NOBODY rejoices with EVERYBODY living in  abject poverty in the land of plenty.

Electioneering campaigns are the struggle to get access to the available  resources in the country, hiding under all sorts of political languages, except  the use of force. After the elections, they return to their cuckoos and get busy  with the successes and failures; losers plan for the next competition; while  winners work in sustaining their gains, convincing an average electorate that  the choice was appropriate.

EVERYBODY is created equal under God; NOBODY has the monopoly of good life. Those who have the mandate to manage Nigerian resources should fairly distribute  the resources, lifting their fellow human beings from abject poverty with the  fear of God at heart.  Nigerians give elderly Buhari the ample chance to translate his words into  actions, getting peoples’ mandate in his fourth attempt, as human being  proposes, God disposes.

Buhari belongs to EVERYBODY and belongs to NOBODY for  most impious godfathers, who have the notion that without them the country would  not move forward. They should wait for history to appraise their contributions,  in one way or the other, to the country, and humanity.  Before the administration settles down, NOBODY has delivered a lousy  document, on “the way forward for Nigeria,” focusing on education, power, the  economy, security and infrastructure; like the unfinished Lagos-Ibadan expressway since 1999.

Buhari, in his 70s, who has the mantle of power, is obtuse according  to NOBODY; as he might have bought the script from a school of thought that,  Buhari, at his age, has nothing to offer the country.  What a step in enslaving Buhari’s intelligence to succumb to the will of  NOBODY, without considering EVERYBODY. The moment Buhari is no longer dancing to  the music produced by NOBODY, katakata would approach, and the house built with  dribble from NOBODY, crumbled. Unfortunately, EVERYBODY would be in pain and  eternal sufferings bite deeper.

NOBODY has turned Nigeria into a hopelessness country; nothing seems to work  in Nigeria. Those who are fully determined and left their comfort zone to help  the country, are being discouraged every second of their stay in Nigeria,  writing off Nigeria as a hopeless country, because of NOBODY.

Flawed foundation

The challenges in the country are enormous and we should stop pointing  fingers, because the foundation for a functional Nigeria was weak and flawed  from the time it returned to American presidential democracy in 1999.  Like we rightly initiated, Buhari is focusing on security on the gratuitous and godless Boko Haram, which is far away from Islam; power outage, as the  country experienced May 2015, without adequate power supply, businesses were  at a halt.

In addition to what Buhari has to do for EVERYBODY, the issue of unemployment  has pushed Nigerian youth to engaging in illegal extant practices, and the  cancerous corruption, encouraged by NOBODY, has beleaguered an average Nigerian.  However, NIGERIANS must be part of the solutions, with the political will of  the leaders to make those changes. An average Nigerian has to be self tasking to  fight the social ills of the society in all honesty and transparency, from their  homes to the public life.

Buhari is not a stranger to the terrain of Boko Haram in the North-East; as former governor of North-Eastern State in the 70s (Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno,  Gongola, Gombe, Taraba, and Yobe States) during Obasanjo’s regime. I happened to  meet him at GSS, Bama, during my NYSC, where he came with Obasanjo for lunch.  All Boko Haram hidden places on Gwoza Hills and Bama should be combed with  the military command locating to Maiduguri.

Realizing that the issue of Boko Haram could be resolved with the cooperation  of Cameroon, Chad and Niger; fishing out its sponsors will relieve EVERYBODY,  with show that he ‘belong to NOBODY’. With the cooperation coming across the  world, Buhari for EVERYBODY could combat “… threats of cross-border terrorism,  sea piracy, refugees and boat people, financial crime, cyber crime, climate  change, the spread of communicable diseases and other challenges of the 21st  century”.

Other security matters that could be visited by the administration for  EVERYBODY are kidnappings, armed robberies, herdsmen/farmers clashes, and cattle  rustlings.

Standard of a politician

It is magnanimous of Buhari to have taken a lesson from that historic phone call from Jonathan who conceded defeat at the election, which saved the lives of many Nigerians if he insisted on sitting tight; Jonathan REFUSED to belong to NOBODY.  It is really a foundation for the Nigerian politicians to be sportsmanlike in  their political games. Henceforth, Jonathan has become a standard of Nigerian politician. What a big lesson to the survivors of Nigeria founding fathers who started  acting like ‘spoiled children’.

Jonathan has kept Nigeria unity intact for the Buhari administration to  follow; against the insinuation that the country would dismantle in 2015.  Nigerians should credit him for that, regardless his administration’s unsung  accomplishments. If each administration could at least point to one form of accomplishment in its life span, the aggregate of that would make Nigeria a  formidable country for life, which rotten children of Nigeria past heroes and  heroines could build on. Jonathan has established a legacy for African continent  Presidents to follow.

NOBODY should reroute the attention from an average Nigerian, who goes  through miserable life, through dubious impious activities. Bridging the gap  between the poor and the wealthy NOBODY; creating a middle class again, through  the fair distribution of the available resources, is attained.

From nobody to everybody

The international body, that has been taking advantage of the situations in Nigeria, should revisit their practices, taking their partners interest, into  consideration from NOBODY to EVERYBODY. Hopefully, good legislation from the  National and State Assemblies, to the Local Government Council Chambers, would  alleviate the suffering imposed from NOBODY to EVERYBODY.

American presidential system could be most expensive in the modern world. While American economy supports that; Nigeria could design its own democracy along its economy. Buhari would peg the recklessness of the governors and  local government chairs, in all ramifications, under his watch; not dancing to  the tune of NOBODY, so that EVERYBODY could be happy.

Buhari, a man of fewer words, embedded in actions, is ready to precisely work  on the home front and hit the ground running on security, corruption, fuel and  power outages. Unfortunately, Nigerians have a set of spoiled and rotten  children who refused to follow good governance established by Nigeria founding  fathers, heirs and heroes of the great civilization.

Nigerian should remember their yearnings for ‘Common Sense Revolution’, that  is change. Buhari would not make that change alone; it takes the whole of the  country to make the change. Buhari has identified with the slogan “I  BELONG TO EVERYBODY AND I BELONG TO NOBODY”  Nigerians have a lot to advice the administration on the changes they  want. Nigerians are the architects for positive change on how services are  conducted in the country.

Buhari will be held accountable, reversing his association with EVERYBODY to  NOBODY. Nigerians would love to remind him, not with the wrong quote from Shakespeare, with Animal Farm, after Buhari becomes very comfortable with power,  where ‘All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.’

Nigerians would give Buhari the benefit of doubt, to capitalize on his nine powerful words: “I BELONG TO EVERYBODY AND I BELONG TO NOBODY” to    investigate the immediate and remote causes of Boko Haram, its sponsors and  their international connections; get the witches and wizards off the irregular  power supply (immediate power supply minister’s school of thought);

the  deficient Lagos-Ibadan express since 1999; creating more jobs for the misfit  nagging Nigerian youths; establish the way of minimizing corruption; dispose of all the outstanding witch-hunting politically-minded, vengeance EFCC pending  corruption cases in the courts while the judiciary should  live up to the expectations of an average poor Nigerian whose last hope lies in it.

*Ajayi is a professor of policy, management & conflict resolution at Babcock University, Ilishan-Remo, Ogun  State

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