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‘I have forgiven those who attempted to kill me’ By OLAYINKA LATONA


…Vanguard Assistant Labour Editor narrates his ordeal in the hands of armed robbers

IT was joy unspeakable as family members, church members and colleague from the Labour confraternity converged at the St. Joseph’s Chosen Church of God, SJCCG, Cardoso Street, Kirikiri Town last Sunday for Vanguard’s Assistant Labour Editor, Mr. Victor Ahiuma-Young’s thanksgiving service.

Factional president of the Nigeriia Labour Congress, NLC, Comrade Joe Ajaero, Comrade Issa Aremu, Labour writers, members of the Vanguard family, Pastor Victor Munzuni who representated the Spiritual leader, Apostle Hayford Alile were all held spellbound when Mr. Ahima-Young narrated his ordeal at the hands of two hoodlums who almost snuffed life out of him in Lagos.

Ahiuma-Young was attacked by gunmen shortly after leaving a bank at Sadiku Bus Stop along the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway where he had gone to withdraw some money. Church members heartily sang melodious choruses and danced to appreciate God who spared the life of their harvest committee chairman.

Extending his sincere gratitude to all church who stood by him during the trying period, Ahiuma-Young prayed Almighty God not to reward them all for their labour of love, saying: “Continue to pray with us and I know that the Almighty God will surely perfect that which He has started in my family’s life.”

My Story

“Brothers and sisters, you are seeing a living miracle. For those who have been looking for miracle, I am one. God is good and nothing happens without His knowledge. Sometimes certain things happen in our life to teach us a lesson.

The thanskgiving service for Mr Victor Ahiuma-Young, Asst Labour Editor Vanguard Newspapers who was shot by gunmen along the Apapa Oshodi Expressway was held at the St Joseph Chosen Church of God, Kirikiri town in Lagos, yesterday.Left Elder Phillips Ogbonna,Father General, Mr Victor Ahiuma-Young, celebrator and Comrade Joe Ajaero, factional President NLC at the occasion. Photo: Biodun Ogunleye

“On April 21, 2015 at about 10.00 am, I went to make some transaction in one of the banks. I left the bank and went to a nearby newspaper stand to buy a copy of the day’s Vanguard Newspaper and suddenly I heard a gunshot. I never knew I was the target and everyone around me started running but I heard a faint voice that said; “Give me that money.”

As I turned to look at the person, he shot my thigh but I did not feel a pain. Immediately he fired the second one, the guy moved and I thought   he wanted to run away because I felt no pain. I picked a stone and hauled it at him and he shot the third time which hit one of my fingers. Then I felt as if rain was falling on me and noticed that my thigh has been soaked with blood and started appealing to those around to take me to a hospital but they all ran. I was bleeding profusely and the people were just looking at me.

“The gunshots were at very close range. Since those around the scene refused to help me, I moved with all the strength in me to a nearby hospital and there the blood was stabilised and my wife and others arranged to remove the pellets from my body. Thirteen pellets were removed.

“I am saying all these for us to know that when God wants to work, anything is possible. It is only those who saw the photograph that can really explain the extent of the gunshot at my back. I had an injury around my testicle and if you put a finger inside it, it will pass through but God was so kind that it did not pass through my body. The injury was so deep that when I saw it, I was scared.

“Two weeks before the incidence, there was crisis in the Nigeria Labour Congress where elections were held and some people wanted to change the will of God and they believe that some of us were working against them. But since the person that attacked me asked for money, that is why I ruled out case of assassin.

“Two weeks after the incidence, someone was shot but he did not survive the gun shot and I now know more that God is good. I did not know why He loves my family. But I can prove to the world that God is real, He is alive and He will continue to dwell in our life. “Also I learnt something from our father-general when he came to visit me. While praying he made a statement that we have forgiven those who shot me but they must repent. However, before then, I used to say that they must die before the end of this year, today, I kneel on this altar to say that I have forgiven those who shot me and I plead and pray that they should repent and if they fail to repent God knows what to do.”

Mr. Ahiuma-Young’s wife, Mrs. Charity Ahiuma-Young narrated how she received revelation concerning the incidence and prayed against its occurrence in the family, saying it was God’s intervention and grace that saved her from becoming a widow.

“When I received the revelation, I immediately prayed against it. I used to hear a voice that was asking me what I would do if I lose my husband and immediately I rebuked the voice saying no, my husband will not die. I thank God that He revealed the plan of the enemies. I am more than grateful.”

Pastor Victor Munzuni who represented the Spiritual leader, Apostle Hayford Alile, had this to say: “May the name of the Lord be blessed for what He did in the life of our brother. Before the incidence, a Christian sister called that we should pray against the devil’s plan to take a member of the church which will make the celebration sour and we got this revelation in Osopa London. We prayed against the evil occurrence and when I received the call, I was shocked. “When I came and he showed me the pictures, what came to my mind was that it was an assassination plot disguised as robbery. We will not relent in praying for him because people perpetrating evil will want to be after the people doing his kind of job since they know that they will expose them.”

– See more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2015/06/i-have-forgiven-those-who-attempted-to-kill-me/#sthash.t0kKlrmu.dpuf

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