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Imansuagbon not running for Governor but as Governor


We are likely going to share more tons of rice this year from no less governorship candidate (not an aspirant), Philanthropist Kenneth Imansuagbon than he had flingered on our heads the previous Christmas.

Sitting Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has, just one Christmas left, when batons would exchange hands. But, the race to occupy his office hasn’t been spiced up yet. The bell from the Independent National Electoral Commission must be rung for the race to commence.

For Hon. Anselm Ojesua, the Chairman of the ruling party in Edo State, the All Progressive Congress, ‘it’s too early in the day’.

This normal rule does not seems to apply to Imansuagbon, if his recent short interview is anything to go by.

What the Press still fails to appreciate about the ‘rice-man’ is that he’s not running for Governor, he’s running as Governor, according to him, “….God making you (him) rich, is not because you are too honest or too holy, it is by the grace of God Almighty. When I’m Governor by 2016, Edo people will see more of my philanthropist nature”.

The above quotation is an excerpt from the rice-man’s interview published on Saturday in the media.

Besides, in another breath and in the same interview, Imansuagbon said, “…so by the grace of God, when I take over from the Comrade Governor in Edo State in 2016, our people will sing more victorious songs all to the glory of God”.

Taking it by faith or by force? Imansuagbon is got faith here. We are yet to see if it will move mountain.

However, this is our next Governor- his interview just exposed him. Two things; it’s either we expect more tons of rice from the ‘flinger of rice’ or none at all. He is cock-sure he will be governor and so, why sharing more rice? No, he is not sharing rice to become Governor please, he is doing the yearly ritual because he is a born philanthropist. Get that into your head before you run him down.

So, do we expect rice? Yes- even more. Remember he is not gunning for Governor but as Governor. Who says he is not qualified; cautious optimism. The rule of the game doesn’t seems applying to him as it would to others likely to join the race.

In his mind, and who can blame him?-he is the successor, this is not an election campaign because he is not seeking for our votes here. He occupies a place miles above the liquescent bogs of petty politics. He may volley himself into the office, this he seems to have guaranteed himself.

He is not an aspirant and as such, won’t create busy work for journalists as his late-night comedy interview would suggest.

Catapulting oneself to government house as governor without passing through the political mills and labyrinths can be a wishful thinking-such was the one nursed by Ebele Azikiwe, when he danced “shoki” with comedians in Lagos, during the heat of serious electioneering campaigns turned on him by the visionary APC chieftains and of course, we now can see where it landed Ebele-Otuoke.

I wish Imansuagbon well, but he must change strategy and stop being a “trouble breeder” or a “typewriter strategist”.


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