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Impactvision Ize-Iyamu: The Threats from Cowards


Impactvision Ize-Iyamu: The Threats from Cowards

By John Mayaki

Yesterday, Monday, a journalist ‘fiend’ in NUJ Benin City couldn’t hold his bias against my ideological composure and political lining and as such went to town expressing his stark inadequacies through a comment to an article I published, titled: Don’t Waste Your Time Pastor! It wasn’t the first time he would fool himself – I mean this perennially erratic reporter and wayward.

He accused me as “one of the beneficiaries of the Oshiomhole’s government but cannot be reached” – don’t asked me if he was sent to harm me and got frustrated from failed attempts.

He lamented thus: “The Governor is more accessible than you. You are neither here nor there and your Governor is facing a crucial election, which party are you now. You are too proud…….”?

He, however, went ahead to send some other trashy crab – the ones you would easily trace to an indolent mind – the armchair reporter!

Just as I was smarting from this bias, “Impactvision Ize-Iyamu”, a Facebook account campaigning for the Peoples’ Democratic Party sub-candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu sent me a message through “Facebook messenger” and I played along. In a nutshell, the creep threatened the heck of me!

“Mr. Mayaki”, he said with intimidating courtesy, “hope you know what you are doing? I accepted you on Facebook not knowing you are against me. You have to stop all these games. What is all these post Mr. Mayaki?

“If you know the person you are really chatting with, you will not dare your life! When the fight starts, Obaseki will not know you neither your family. Talk as your money reach. You cannot use my Facebook wall to share your candidate. When the fight start, you will know if Pastor sent me. Don’t worry, you will find out the person you are chatting with this week. I pity you!”

The above, and among others were the chirps from the fearful and paranoid Pastor’s sluggish and dull social media campaign platform – impactvision Ize-Iyamu but the last time I checked, it went underground, fearing the undercover police.

When someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level. No. When they go low, you go high – I told myself.

The reporter-colleague bullied me with his bile but, I understand his frustration – he couldn’t hide his support for Pastor, since he reacted to the story: Don’t Waste Your Time Pastor!

I said to myself, isn’t this an unnecessary, unwarranted, unprovoked and undeserved attack? But, I simply replied the “PDP reporter” – never mind, a former NUJ Secretary “Yes, am now in APGA”. “Too busy for reply”.

But, leave him, he can be classified as a low risk case that should be watched closely – in connection with his paymasters.

But the “crapweasel” – “impactvision Ize-Iyamu” – and the anonymous creep who threatened and later fecklessly went underneath may either have been taking instructions from his paymaster, the PDP candidate or acting upon details from a secret, nocturnal meeting – the devil wears Prada but not, unfortunately, a headscarf, the Pastor should know.

If he doesn’t, some generous friends should tell him that it sends a wrong signal for “Pastor’s” aides – so-to-say, to behave uncourteously – instead of being harmless and gentle as the dove but, I know they have been fastidious and this, left them in their awkward position – with incendiary messages – which simply shows they  have a historic loser on their hands.

However, this unwarranted attack, I suppose, I should blow it in hopes it would alert some do-gooders to dash into the dark alley to break up a brutal hate crime – especially the creepy impactvision Ize-Iyamu Facebook rats – the one campaigning for Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

For my colleague-journalist, indolence, may have had a hand in his action and this is not only preposterous, it’s insulting to the profession.

Their bias is well-documented – but suffice to say that this new efforts to stifle freedom of the press can be seen as part of a broader attack by the PDP and their paid agents – I fear my colleague is tilting towards this retrogressive path.

Though, I agree with their obsession with my approach – which showed them to be gripped by fear and paranoia – the attempt to silence criticisms. While I understand this latest development from the Pastor’s agents, I see my colleague’s outburst and hate as an action that proved awfully narrow with personal stakes or he could as well doubled as an agent of some anti-progressives who unfortunately, are victims of vindictive press.

As for my reports – one thing you can trust me for – is the distinction between what people want to know and what they need  to know – no insults but fulfilling the social purpose of journalism requires us to give people what they need to know – including the opposition PDP and its candidates, Pastor and not excluding Matthew Iduoriyekemwen.

And for me, I don’t know of any enemy. And I will continue to seek the closest possible social ties with friends even in the opposition now and after the election because my commentaries on political developments in the state, wasn’t walking away from my friends in the opposition party.

In all these – and despite this assault, I will remain very critical of political bad behavior from any political party, bad governance and continue to be very aggressive with lots of chutzpah – it’s a kind of basic instinct that’s part of my DNA.

See you in Part 2: “Don’t Waste Your Time, Pastor!

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