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In Edo, the Losers are….


Written By John Mayaki

Has anybody heard from the loquacious Chief of Ogbona? I have not set my eyes on him since the Oshiomhole Tsunami or hurricane passed through the political landscape of Edo State. What about those renegades who held sway in Ring Road under the cover and connivance of the police, making laws and passing resolutions unto themselves?

We do not wish them ill though, whoever sees either Orbih or any one of them near the Lagos lagoon should please call rescuers and then, the police.  They must be around in Edo State to see for themselves, the Oshiomhole final touch to development and robust politics.

No doubt, Orbih made so much enemies for himself throughout and since he was appointed the state helmsman of the dying PDP. Needless though.

He is not the worst hit but the Uromi High Chief and Iyasele of Esan land, Chief Tony Anenih. I had expected Daddy would voluntarily resign from active politics and return home quietly but I was disappointed. Just imagine Daddy tying wrapper around his waist atop a white singlet under the tree playing ‘Ayo’ and sipping palmwine while cracking jokes with his peers in Uromi?

He had waited for a damning parting gift from a no non-sense Oshiomhole to show him the way home. For me, I prefer the Obasanjo’s style, even if he had to do so under controversial circumstances of card shredding.

I hear Chief’s plan for Oshiomhole in the event of a Jonathan’s win was not what anyone would wish his worst enemy but it turn out to be naught. Impeachment was a tip of the ice-berg but all those are history today as Oshiomhole’s APC swept 21 seats out of 24, leaving 3 for Chief in his locality.

With this feat, Oshiomhole is bound to have a smooth sail till the end of his tenure next year.

Chief has been around for quite sometimes now; say 20years back but it seems we shall not miss him. He used to play the role of the “Godfather” and “Mr. Fix it”. He lived a larger than life style in the PDP and Edo State will breathe the fresh political air that the exit of chief would bring to us all.

One man who committed political suicide and would forever regret his political miscalculation is the former foreign affairs Minister, Chief Tom Ikimi. He was one of those front-liners to negotiate the merger of the defunct ACN with other political parties to become APC.

Shortly after the merger, Ikimi, who was eyeing the chairmanship of the APC, lost to Chief John Oyegun and this angered the proud Igueben Chief.

Chief would not consider, whatever plea and considerations offered him; chairmanship or nothing, he bolted and joined his political arch-rival and today he has eaten the handle pie.

Chief would not be missed by Edo people, not even those from his local government as he was said to be a tight-fisted ‘godfather” who cares for himself alone.

For Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu who was in a hurry to take over from Oshiomhole, the election may have put paid to his political ambition and nailed the coffin.

The former Vice chairman, South-South of the defunct ACN, decamped to the PDP over party primaries pitching tent with the godfather whom he once taunted “no man is God”. He was already finding it difficult working with him just as he was berthing in the PDP but had a friend in Capt. Hosa Okunbor who gave him relevance and all the needed support.

The long and short side of pastor is that he is out of reckoning since their hope, President Jonathan has been shown the way to Otueke.

Chief Gabriel Osawaru Igbinedion the ‘untouchable’, would be licking his wounds in his cocooned palatial garden; one on the entire stretch of a Benin street named after him in GRA, or in his magnificent signature home in Abuja or several of his houses abroad.

Though chief, a businessman is quick to meander his way and align with any government in power, but as for his political prospect in Edo State, let’s see how Oshiomhole tolerates him but as for the President elect, no way.

Leave Lucky, Chief’s son out of this. Chief’s daughter and former Prince Alvan’s wife was said to have won a House of Representative seat, Omosede Igbinedion, if the election petition tribunal favor her, that would be chief’s parting political gift or last super.

Where is former Chief of staff and Deputy Governor, Mike Oghidome? Whatabout Lucky Imasuen, Owere Dickson Imasogie, Solomon Aguele, and Arisco Osewingie in this whole conundrum? Pascal Ugbomune who contested Edo North Senate under PDP may have been counting his loses now.

He was ill-advised; fighting an Oshiomhole in his domain. Well, as a young man, and a lawyer, let’s see how he bounces back, certainly, maybe in his chambers.

Engr. Abubakar Momoh left APC to PDP and SDP and contest Edo North Senate; since Oshiomhole humbled him, am sure he now knows that ‘khaki no bi leather’.

I understand the owner of AIT and businessman, Chief Raymond Dokpesi was fully involved in the usage of soldiers to hunt Edo North people and forcing them to vote Jonathan. Now that “Day don break” he would find time to address his business challenges. He is a bad loser.

Where is my former Lawyer and friend, Barrister Johnson Abolagba, and Kasim Ozeto? Men! How time flies!!! Oshiomhole must have sent a whole lot of politicians on a long holiday. Next time, when the ovation is loudest, call it a quit.

Unfortunately, politicians have no shame; soonest, you hear them returning to their vomit. Soonest, these guys would forget where the rain drenched them as they hurry to join the winning party after a bloody nose form a most ravaging Oshiomhole. Only time will prove this point.


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