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Isaiah Osifo expresses worries over undemocratic process towards Edo 2016



By the constitution of Nigeria,not by the design or desire of one man or few persons,there will be a gubernatorial election in Edo state to elect the governor that will succeed the present governor,Governor Adams Oshiomhole in November 12th,2016.


The processes that will lead to the election of a new governor in Edo state will commence with the various political parties organising gubernatorial primaries in line with the constitution of the party and the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.


The gubernatorial primaries will enable the party members in a direct or indirect election to elect their gubernatorial candidate.This is not a gift from any party leader or an incumbent governor.It is a constitutional requirement that any civilize mind can easily comprehend.


The gubernatorial candidates elected in the party primaries will finally meet the electorates in Edo state for the choice of the next governor.


It is absurd and undemocratic for any individual or group of persons to say or suggest that that the incumbent governor should determine his successor.When l hear people say,”we should support governor Adams Oshiomhole to decide his successor”,I ask myself,are they referring to APC gubernatorial primaries or the general election?


If they are referring to APC gubernatorial primaries,  are they suggesting that APC should set aside its constitution and guidelines for gubernatorial primaries to enable governor Oshiomhole choose the Edo state APC gubernatorial candidate?


If they are referring to the general election are they saying Edo people should not vote and allow governor Oshiomhole to choose his successor?


If they are sponsored to make such request for a one man democracy,the sponsors should quickly realize the absurdity of such ambition in a democracy.


This absurd and undemocratic call is not helpful to governor Oshiomhole,rather it is a big dent on his image and a request that is steadily rubbishing his claims to democracy.


It is up to governor Oshiomhole to call these sycophants to order or allow them to continue to pursue the absurd and undemocratic ambition that will never stop the APC free and fair gubernatorial primaries in Edo state or stop free and fair general election to elect the next governor of Edo state.

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