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It is time to de-construct this animal called man-Femi Fani Kayode


By Yakub Aliyu

Since his reincarnation in the post-Obasanjo era, Femi Fani Kayode, alias FFK, has somewhat been feasting on Boko Haram to gain political relevance.

In the last there years there was no time he penned on any subject that did not include a reference to Boko Haram. And so also in his politics.

Now consider this: when FFK dumped PDP, then the ruling party to join the APC in May 2013, his main reason was not ideological or based on any principle, but because in his own reckoning, former President Jonathan was a “President without balls” ; he was a President that could not decisively crush the Boko Haram insurgency in the North-east.

But no sooner than APC received him, he bolted back to the PDP i June 2014 again citing Boko Haram as his main reason.

He told the whole nation that he has came to the   realization that APC was sympathetic to Boko Haram, although in truth he raced back to the PDP to shield himself from a corruption charge then pending in the courts.

During the Jonathan re-election campaigns in 2015, in which he played a part of the campaign’s  information director, his major line of attack against the APC and its candidate, now President Muhammadu Buhari, was still Boko Haram, Boko Haram.

Alas it did not work, and the rest is now history.

FFK was recently (February 19, 2014) singing a new tune with the endorsement for Chairmanship of former Governor Modu Sheriff as PDP National Chairman by the PDP Governors. Still, he has no any other argument against such a decision than to harp on our painful experiences with Boko Haram.

He was reported to have said that Modu Sheriff the Chairman of his party, the PDP was the founder of Boko Haram and so he will not take it (with due apologies to Orubebe) .

Yet FFK was very well in cahoots with the same Mody Seriff during the former President Jonathan’s re-election campaigns.

Why didn’t he raised alarm then? Pray, when did FFK come to the realization that Modu Sheriff was Boko Haram, when indeed, he was at the forefront of exonerating him and others accused of supporting the deadly insurgents by the Australian negotiator Stephen Davis in August 2014.

Now FFK has come full circle.He was in the same vein, giving some subtle signals that he would not mind returning to the APC, a party he has so much maligned,  whose leadership he has so much impugned, and its membership whose sensibilities he has so much assaulted and bruised by his insensitive and loquacious tantrums.

What ever the motivation driving him, it is clear that FFK has metamorphosed into the most dangerous actor on the Nigerian political landscape. His own is worst than “the end justifies the means” as in Machiavellian doctrine.

His own, is continue to dance on Boko Haram and all its atrocities for the purpose of gaining relevance and once the price is right, that is it. This was the same FFK that looked Nigerians in the face and said they deserve Boko Haram bombings because Nigerians rejected fair and square that same President “without balls.”

FFK is symptomatic of worst political behavior to be found any where in the world. His recent tantrums is the lowest of low even by Nigerian standards, which all well meaning Nigerians must work hard to discourage if we are to evolve a sound and genuine political culture that will nurture a viable Nigerian democratic project.

FFK is a virus that must be expunged from the Nigerian body politic by clearly not rewarding mendacity as a way of life.

FFK should be told point blank that he should pursue his opposition to Modu Sheriff through the channels availed by his party the PDP.

He should not externalize what is strictly a party affair, just because he wants to feather his nest or consolidate some political relevance within the PDP. The story about Boko Haram’s linkage with Modu Sheriff is well documented, and we need not be detained by it.

FFK should please stop assaulting our sensibilities with the story of Boko Haram when we are, indeed, on the verge of making Boko Haram history, thanks to our gallant soldiers and security forces.

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