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Mayaki replies Sanballats, Tobiahs and Geshems of PDP


There is nothing like that in the offing, I insist

Edo State Government says it welcomed the confusion in the PDP and urged them to do everything possible to resolving it in order to get focused and set their eyes of the goal.

In a statement debunking the claims by the PDP that Governor Adams Oshiomhole was seeking to extend the tenure of Local Government Councils and that it was listed in today’s (5th April, 2016) Order Paper in the House of Assembly as alleged by the PDP Publicity Secretary, Mr. Chris Nehikhare, “there is nothing like that in the offing”, a statement from the Governor’s office said.

A statement endorsed by Mr. John Mayaki said, the other day Sanballat with his fat-belly was over there running his mouth, then Tobiah joined him at Uromi, today Geshem has joined the fray. But we all can see that there are no such things done in the Assembly as the PDP alleged but I quite understand they feign them out of their own empty heads.

The PDP forgets that there will always be a party smarter than they and with everything figured out. Governor Oshiomhole, our Nehemiah is doing a great work, building the broken walls of Edo which the PDP-led government bequeathed to us. I am with Oshiomhole doing a great work, so that I can’t come down to their level and the work cease, whilst I leave the work to reply to Sanballats, Tobiahs and Geshems of PDP.

Again, for the umpteenth time, there is no such thing intended. There is no such thing in today’s Order Paper in the Assembly for debate. PDP should check their source of information, as such can only bring ill-winds to them. Their statements are not only derogatory but slanderous towards the House of Assembly members.

What if PDP avoid this distractions and put their energy together at pursuing the much needed reconciliation Mr. Onaiwu Osahon has embarked upon.

I can understand the PDP and their members are ageing and becoming irrelevant in the sanitized political climate of Edo State. However this tends to strain on socio-political activities and weigh on growth, but we are determined to help ease the pains caused by the PDP at the national, even as Governor Oshiomhole is already doing in Edo State.

Governor Oshiomhole has given Edo people the duck, whatever the PDP is saying is just chicken. I can help PDP see their political risks in greater details, if they can’t, unfortunately for them I am busy now. We are more focused on our proven investment process in the state which has resulted in a superior long-term track record.

The PDP can be more focused while trying to please everyone and yet talking to themselves. Ask PDP to stop worrying so much about what the Governor should be doing or the Assembly and focus more on what they want to be doing.

Besides, they should lose the golden chain because everytime that PDP think it is the end of the world right now and anytime they raise their alarm in town, does not matter a minute after.

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    April 5, 2016 at 5:04 pm

    Hbd. llnp ademi


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