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N96 Million Naira Lamborghini Aventador – Most expensive car spotted in Lagos


Ripple effects of the ‘political madness’ of obscene spendings by politicians during the recent electioneering in Nigeria (West Africa), have started spilling over unto the streets of her commercial capital, Lagos, as girlfriends of these politicians have picked up the courage to drive cars purchased for pleasure, out in the glare of the public.

PROOFS: A N96 Million Naira Lamborghini Aventador – one of the most expensive cars in the world (Worth $439,115 or about 97 million Naira at exchange rate 1:220) was spotted on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, in Lagos, being driven by an under-30yr-old lady.

During the elections, Nigeria was awashed with greenbacks (Dollars) as politicians canvassed for votes using the ‘weapon’ of “Stomach Infrastructure” (an euphemism for monetary inducements). All politicians to different degrees actively engaged in this inducement agenda. The most guilty however was the ruling party (Peoples Democratic Party – PDP), with greater wads of foreign cash siege on opposition States, given to traditional rulers and fringes of lunatic armed militants (OPC, MASSOB, etc.).

Now that the election has come and gone, and thank God, the ruling and richest party in Africa lost, can we have some sobriety pleeeeease? A country 85% of whose citizens could only afford $1 income daily cannot ignore the provocation of Lamborghini Aventador being poked into the eyes of the poor. Those who have ears, let them hear now o.

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