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Neither Ade, nor Oye could save Jonathan from self


As things stands, and in the twilight to the expiration of the Goodluck Jonathan led administration, there is the urgent need for a great trek to wherever we can find our man, possibly in Otuoke, to prevail on him from destroying himself. Delivering Jonathan from himself….don’t you think so?

Or what else do you make out of the recent executive decisions being carried out by a President who has less than three weeks to vacate office; sacks perceived enemies, appoints, and reappoints his cronies into offices?

Who will save Jonathan from himself? Can Ade and Oye salvage or prevail on him? He had visited both men of God recently but discussions still being kept in wraps. Before the elections, he frequented visits with olive oil being showered on him while on his knees.

Prior to the general elections too, he had craved for salvation from the budgies of the All Progressive Congress but missed the direction of help. Remember the budgies? Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, the one and only Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, ever courageous Rotimi Amaechi and Timipreye Silva, fearless Adams Oshiomhole and Odigie Oyegun leading the pack from Edo state among others who tormented Jonathan from a disadvantaged position, tumbled him and his rumbustious wife who was let lose on Nigerians and embarrassed us with her cautious-less utterances.

In all these, no lesson was learnt. Worrisome was the endorsement from the Association of Witches and Wizards and other unlikely characters capable of eroding any degree of credibility or political goodwill with anyone with luck. The Obas, from the South West, without a section of credible others, knelt him down and pronounced curses on him.

There are lessons to be learnt, though. We shall come to that subsequently; between voodoo, and issue-based campaigns, the path to election victory.

He was reported to have visited almost all the major churches and miracle centers but two major others were spared; Mountain of Fire and Miracles and the Kumuyi’s holiness Deeper-life church. Reasons were yet to be offered by the Doyins and Fanis.

The cost of olive or anointing oil, had sky-rocketed and made scarce during these junkets while the entire volume dispensed on him would not atone for his crushing defeat.

He had made covenants here and there. He sowed the wind, whirlwind he reaped. He was told to sow seeds too but, was deceived. He didn’t reap it, maybe in heaven, am sure they had consoled him. God help him.

In the form of Vision and Prophesy, they told him that nobody born of a woman from Daura would be able to challenge him in an election, especially when such is an ”analogue”; when compared to a combination of incumbency, PhD and luck, sorry, good-luck. Political visioneers.

Unknowingly to this man, the glory had departed….Ichabod. He was left empty, not ‘luck’ was remaining, let alone ‘good’ one. And great was the fall. Any lesson learnt? Never.

Again, I insist he must be saved from himself. A trek to Otuoke can drum this into his sub-consciousness. Or, why would a man not denounce the endorsements of an alleged Association of Witches and Wizards….he almost visited Satan himself for endorsement since he had Nigeria to offer. Self-imprisonment.

He never stops tormenting us, I mean the junketer. Just as we are on this issue, trying to liberate him emotionally and psychologically, he would soon prove us wrong….planing to visit, by the weekend, one coward who sees himself as a militant in the South West, Gani Adams.

What agreement has a Senior University Lecturer with a tout in the motor-park? I had wondered. I mean the president of the most populated African nation.

Unfortunately, Fani and Doyin couldn’t help. Men who would stand logic on its head and try helplessly to confuse us that our Saviour and Jesus Christ resides in Aso Rock, and a native of Otuoke. The likes of Jesu-Oyingbo. Praise singers who compounded his problem, according to National Leaders of the PDP.

They invented their own unethical campaigns, produced documentaries of hate and ethnicity, name-calling and character assassinations to secure votes after seeking the services of diviners, soothsayers, enchanters and witchcraft. No one told him voodooism was the least means of wining an electoral contest.

After accusing Jagaban of series of treasonable actions, they made for Kayode Fayemi and Lai Mohammed. They accused them of running an unrecognized radio that could be used to destabilize the country just as they linked it to the radio Kudirat where Prof. Julius Ihonvbere reported as Ahmed Baba. They feared a repeat of the treatment served on the military junta at the time.

Where is the radio today? Still operational? We must clear from Fani.

They deployed the DSS, army and police to either arrest innocent Nigerians at the APC office in Lagos and were accused of cloning and hacking. State agents against citizens. Meanwhile, Ex-militants had often threatened to collapse the existence of the country, if the wishes of Nigerians was achieved, as we have achieved, at this time, we had no state agents or they had traveled.

Again, has he learnt his lessons? No.

A paranoid president would sack Agwai from a sure-less sure-p and manipulate the postponement of an already scheduled elections. Those the gods must punish.

Suffering from a crushing political defeat, he sacked the nation’s Police Chief, Abba and brought in Arase. He announced political appointments for traditional rulers across the country, Peter Obi, as Chairman, Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission, NPA among others.

But, only a fool would take such frivolous and thoughtless appointments since no successor would trust their loyalty.

Now that he has revisited the two-wise-men in the West, like Nicodemus at night to Christ, it is hoped that either Papa Adeboye delivered him from himself or Dady Oyedepo rescued him. Alternatively, we shall embark on a great trek to Otuoke to save Jonathan from himself.

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