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Nigerians Are Too Eager To Criticize – Buhari


Nigerians are too eager to criticize Buhari. Yar’adua was also sworn in on 29th May and his assets were made public on the 29th of June, that’s exactly one month after he submitted his Assets Declaration forms to CCB.

Yar’adua did not inform the Public, when he was submitting his forms. Buhari just inform us that, he has submitted his forms. I think we should be fair to wait until after one month, if the documents are not made public, then we can start asking questions, and holds him accountable for what he said during the electioneering campaign.

The Jonathanians are too eager to start criticizing APC/GMB, that they can’t even wait for the government business to start. They are all over the net making mockery of themselves. We will soon be referring people to mental asylum, because we only realize the extent to which the defeat has inflicted on them now.

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