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Obaseki’s Abuja Excursion: Hatemongers’ Missiles at Edo Speaker


Obaseki’s Abuja Excursion:  Hatemongers’ Missile at Edo Speaker

By John Mayaki

Hate minds think alike; the Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Mrs. Elizabeth Ativie should have known by now. As at the time she was muting the aspirants’ excursion (Mr. Godwin Obaseki) to Abuja, little did Mrs. Speaker know that she was courting the wrath of hate-minds who later accused her of an excursion trip to Abuja rather than stay put at the Anthony Enahoro Complex, even though the Assembly was on recess.

Hatemongers are everywhere, though. But, these ones have the same coloration with those after Mr. Adams Oshiomhole, the Comrade Governor of Edo State. This time around, their denunciation against Mrs. Speaker is nothing different from that against Mr. Governor – same coloration, same accusation, same reason; “surrender your fundamental rights to us and let’s dictate to both of you, the best aspirant to support for the 2016 Edo state governorship election”.

And you would say hatemongers aren’t smart with the tools of propaganda and blackmail? Wait; there was no name – printable and unprintable they did not labelled their first and chief target. They say and insisted that he has no right, whatsoever, to contemplate what is good for him and the people. They contended that his – Oshiomhole’s freedom of expression and association is subsumed in theirs and sometimes, they want their victim to either breath through their nose just as they would decide for him and now, Mrs. Speaker, where to go and how she must go about it. Isn’t that smart?

Take for instance, my intending plans among which to write a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Facebook to surrender to me, the administration of Facebook – as content cum admin officer because, for me, the usage of this tool has been abused by corrupt minds who now upload pornographic pictures on it and commit heinous crimes therewith…..what would you call that – illusion? Lazy mind! There you go, accusers of men.

Hey! Even you Kabiru? What were you doing at the headquarters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Abuja? And you Agbaje? Come, Ogedengbe, when we elected you for a second tenure, did we not provide an office space for you at the Enahoro Complex where you have a duty to make laws? As for you Damian; why would you absent yourselves from your duty post, the day Mr. Godwin Obaseki went to Abuja to pursue his personal matter and you were all seen flowing and milling around him? Is this not the same man hatemongers have continued, none stop to pummel your Governor for – how can you escape the edge of their knife now?

Am sure you all can see what Hon. Philip Shaibu is going through in their hands? You can feel the measure and weight of the blackmail being heaped on him. Even Hon. Peter Akpatason, Hon. Pally Iriase and the Distinguished Senator Francis Alimikhena have either narrowly escaped the wrath of hate-minds or that they are to expect a measure of theirs – all for associating with the man hatemongers are not pleased with.

You were there! Okaeben; the hatemongers sighted you from the rear! Am sure you know that it is not too difficult to identify you even without the pose you had with Damian Lawani among other distinguished progressives? The entire APC legislators in Edo State, and those representing the state in Abuja were all represented in what hatemongers would not take likely – just as there is no reluctancy in catching the hate-bug.

Am not certain, these hatemongers seemed to realize how much hot water they are in – but I don’t intend to comment on this matter any further, since they have a role to play in the party at the general election because, I cannot have my cake and eat it but, it seems they think they can! It is so because they aren’t ready to tone down their hate campaign but insisted in riding downward, the entire escalator; the party.

For sometimes now, they ignored advice to back down from this offensive and strategically foolish assault. Instead, they doubled down and directed their surrogates to continue to assail whosoever will not surrender his or her rights to them.

But, Mr. and Mrs. Hatemongers, you know better. I know you know better that you were merely playing to the gallery and playing politics with everything; even though you expected us to cave-in. Am sure you also know that we have known each other for some time now – since 1999 – when we all subscribed to the PDP but now, you decided to be a section of the cheerful warriors who went into poor minority within the party just for ambition.

And Mrs. Speaker, as you would preferred to be addressed, you know only too well how horrified these hatemongers were against Mr. Governor for the same offence you have plunged a two third majority of your members into – and the ripple effects it would have at the primary elections and at the various constituencies, let alone, the one championed by Philip Shaibu at the federal constituency and the multiplier effects in the entire state.

This is the point made by the hatemongers; “You are bias, Mrs. Speaker”, they roared. “We don’t care to know the differences between the role electoral umpires play and your legislative duties. This is the same “bias” Mr. Governor took far by foaming and owning an opinion of his own, as to who best for Edo state without giving us the opportunity to think for him”.

“Needless to tell you, and respectfully so, Madam Speaker that you are unnecessarily getting on ‘our’ nerves and this is even more so, when you arrived from your gubernatorial excursion in Abuja that you were seen with the same aspirants’ posters, canvassing votes from delegates under a canopy – this is without restraints after the blackmail we hauled at your politically thick-less skin”.

Why would you want to practicalize the cliché; what a man can do, women can and even better? If Mr. Governor Can, Mrs. Speaker is no less – he hosted his federal constituency; three local government areas combined where all the delegates endorsed the “hatemongers’ nightmare”, you too, had the temerity to do same.

“That man you are taking after, Madam Speaker, has succeeded in defining his turbulent times as a labour leader and two-tenured Governor just as the most charismatic and even seamless fighter. Oshiomhole has more than the sum of his oratory gifts to waggle his way out of wriggles, which one do you”, hatemongers would marvel at Mrs. Speaker.

That you surround yourself with agile minds like Barrister Damian Lawani, buoyant personalities like Emmanuel Agbaje, Asoro, Folly Ogedengbe, Gani Audu among others and a self-confidant like Alhaji Kabiru Adjoto among other evolving sets of personalities with convictions is not enough Mrs. Speaker – hatemongers can only be brought to their knees if you never relent or buckle on your personal conviction to Abuja and why it must translate to benefit the entire Edo people, beginning from the primary and wrapped up at the general elections.

However, when do we expect another setback Mrs. Speaker, for these hate-minds who think alike? Very soon? Now that we know that you are game and have joined the league of anti-democratic tormentors, I do not agree less, that your achievement is “a milestone” for women and that since there is no political ceiling for the women folks – if any, you are a reference to breaking the “glass ceiling”.

My last word for hatemongers is an emotional appeal to them all; it never feels good to put your heart in a cause you believe in and come up short, as events unfolding towards the primary are evident.







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