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Of Certificates and an Ever-Dull Orbih


Of Certificates and an Ever-Dull Orbih

By John Mayaki

Chief Dan Orbih, the Edo State Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, is not a smallish man but one blessed with an imposing frame. He is the man who flits around Comrade Adams Oshiomhole like the Devil around the biblical Job.

Orbih maintains a punky and jibe-like insouciance nearby Edo State Government while making dumb allegations all the time against Governor Adams Oshiomhole.

But, rather for a continuous lie to stick, Orbih’s revealing the truth by the day. Our brains had suck figures from Orbih who uses it at random to deceive us and seeking to make us do dumb things to affect our daily existence – he’s always failing.

Orbih has a cognitive bias either for figures, Oshiomhole or Obaseki such that whenever he speaks to the microphone on figures, Oshiomhole must feature in the attack and now, it’s certificate.

Today, it’s Godwin Obaseki and his certificates – he wants us to believe he’s a dullard who can’t investigate a claim even through his phone on Google – If a man’s lie reveals the truth, he can be said to be slightly less stupid!

Despite concerted efforts at helping him with facts and figures, Orbih wouldn’t cringe – he has capacity to manufacture and or fabricate extra-large figures and allegations that are capable of pulling off the roof rather than visiting the said schools for verification and authentication.

But a word for my colleagues and media owners – What makes a reporter smarter than the itinerant politician is the formers’ ability to unearth the hidden things around him by thorough investigation and a knack for the news but not here, anymore.

Gone are those days when no serious reporter worth his onion will listen to a rabidly and innately professional liar like we have in Edo State Peoples Democratic Party.

Reporters must save us from Orbih, just as they must be smarter and logical than him. They must be grounded in realities than frivolities and inanities. They must avoid the Orbih’s temptation and attempt to rule us with his frequently outrageous self-expression since he wouldn’t desist from grabbing the microphone.

Proprietors alike; they must be weary of some of their unbearably callow and amateurish reporters who perhaps may have taken political lines; this is a contrarian to journalistic ethos.

They must insist on facts and proofs since what Orbih chooses to express, is his to prove and defend- and without, a trash-can is nearby.
This is more so because this man is a “bottomless pit” when it comes to accusations. Like athletes who either run, throw, jump or hit, Orbih lies. And he does so beyond the rational limit of need. I mean to lie often and quickly that it seems less sport than performance art and pointless, all at once.

If, in doubt of Obaseki’s certificates, Orbih can seek for help – but he’s so unencumbered by the responsibility of adulthood and ungentlemanlike behavior; a potentially self-destructive form of behavior.

Am sure, he knows, that one day – September 10th, he can no longer eat half a cow in the time it takes him to brush his teeth. And when that day comes, he would be ready; it’s only the truth.

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