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Of Gritting Teeth Aspirants, Arigbe-Osula and Aluta Struggles


Of Gritting Teeth Aspirants, Arigbe-Osula and Aluta Struggles

As the D-Day approaches, major aspirants eying incumbent Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s seat grind their teeth over unfounded allegations.

Trailing badly in the yet-to-be contested intra-party primary election of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Edo State, wobbling aspirants are already gnashing their teeth and flying unfounded allegations against Philip Shaibu in the Governor’s Senatorial District of Edo North.

Obviously, those gritting teeth are no mean men in the race; Mr. Chris Ogiemwonyi, Mr. Charles Airhiavbere, and the Deputy Governor, Pius Odubu but one Obaseki stepped out of the kitchen, ostensibly due to the heat, while another, Hon. Emmanuel Arigbe-Osula entered the race in a less spectacular manner.

Of course, anybody can allege but, the onus and burden of proof is also on him. Anyway, it is expected in this season. However, political campaigns have never been for the faint of the heart, and this year has been no different, with rough-and-tumble contests that have made supposedly formidable aspirants chewing jaws and insinuating vote buying.

“Never mind, things will certainly fall into shape soonest. It’s a big family”, an Anselm Ojesua would naturally have replied reporters when confronted with the baseless allegation.

See the Obaseki who claimed his family endorsed him to take over from the incumbent Governor has stepped out of the race. Am sure you see people taking painkillers for his brother’s headache-one man’s ambition, everybody’s contribution but Don Pedro Obaseki clenches his teeth and say he could not afford expression of interest and nomination documents because of their “unwholesome amount”.

In other to safe our readers the confusion of one Obaseki to the other Obaseki, its only safe to refer to the lily-livered as Don P and the other, herein and after shall be known as Obaseki.

And so, Don P not only bemoaned his fate from his short political life experience but took a needless political decision by gritting his teeth against his now estranged party. Though, I quite understand his pains, considering his tough-less pre-primary, let alone real election struggle.

One would have expected him to concede to his popular brother; Obaseki, by saying, “I’m fair game. I’m in the arena for support”, but Don P, whose thinning face doesn’t reflects the decades he has spent traveling the media space to acquire his massive and increasingly diverse resume deflected from a party he would once die for.

No doubt, this episode sits with traces of bitterness-Joseph and Esau or Cain and Abel. His is even more like old coffee grounds at the bottom of his cup, even if he says otherwise.

Does Obaseki seems to be Don P‘s undoing? Frankly, I don’t have an answer for this. But certain governorship aspirants who look almost quaint in comparison, have gone personal by insinuating that an interventionist legislator in Jattau-Uzairue may have opened the door of the banks in Auchi, the vaults inclusive, and doling out scarce resources to woo delegates for a particular favorable aspirant.

In this case, the amount of money speculated to be in use and in circulation in that part of the state you also would never find in all the banks in Edo North, all combined.

“Leave these people alone”, the Legislator would say if given opportunity for self-defense. “It’s a big family. We need each other at the end of the day. There is going to be a win-win solution at the end of the day”, he would have added.

However, as I wish Don P well in his political expedition, what do you know of this new entrant; Osula? I had barely rested, after I had excused myself from a self-imposed recession to craft: These Vain Contestants, that I am taken aback by this rush to Abuja to acquire the forms the other man would derisively dismissed as “unwholesome amount”.

This is not only surprising to political watchers, especially coming at a time almost too late and after camps may have been formed but it is even more suspect, the manner his ambition sprouted. Suspect, yes; you only can dismiss him at your peril.

Arigbe-Osula is a strategist and an articulate fine gentleman, no doubt but, I guess something is fishy. Isn’t this decision and action laced with a grand plot to plug-in some nuts? But to suggest he is a dark-horse is completely out of the box-only himself and his “type-writer” strategists know what is up their sleeves. To suggest a swing in the pattern of votes from die-hard delegates already committed and waiting for the D-Day owing to a sudden discovery and invention of a magic-wand is to say the least; its potency is in doubt.

I cannot but wish him all the best in his sudden political decision but I think his decision was taken in the manner a toddler grabbing a cookie when he assumes no one is looking.

Talking very seriously, have you seen Alhaji protesting? I mean the billionaire Aliko Dangote protesting against government policies such as importation and waiver. If in doubt, find out from ex-presidents or when “General” returns from London to Abuja; certainly in good health.

Even on the international scene, Bill Gates can protest and he does protest-we only never get to hear or reported in the media. Or you think Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison of Oracle database, Jeff of Amazon.com, Charles Koch, David Koch, Mark Zukerberg of Facebook, Michael Bloomberg, Jim Walton of Walmart or Larry Page of Google-the top 10 richest Americans cannot decide to protest, withdraw their services or products and go on strike? They can, just as they seldom do!

They aren’t on the streets protesting. No. In fact, their protest is the unseen but result-oriented type. The one that is capable of killing the business of the corner-shop cardboard cum marker dealer for lack of patronage unlike in Edo where you have the highest street protests in the history of Nigeria and where cardboard sellers laugh to bank on a per weekly basis.

Theirs is the best, effective and result-based protest-if you like, call it the bourgeoisie kind of protest, you are not far from it. It’s a phone call away to Mr. President. And the cause of protest is resolved. You can only imagine the promptness and alacrity of the response!

And so, are you involved in struggles? Do you have any history of struggle? Can you show me a man whose life is struggle as a Labor Leader and I will show you an Executive Governor whose life is all about struggle and protest. In fact, one is in the offing. He is planning one in collaboration with Civil Societies against BEDC except it retraces its steps.

I am only confident that we, the “mekunus and talakawas” are not alone in this struggle against BEDC. The people of Edo state cannot thank you enough Mr. Comrade Governor in-the-struggle.

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