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Oshiomhole to Install Best Medical Equippment At Central Hospital


Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State says efforts are being made to ensure that the very best and most sophisticated medical equipment available in the world are installed at the New Ultra Modern Benin Central Hospital.
Governor Oshiomhole made this known on wednesday during an inspection tour of the almost-ready-for-use Ultra Modern Central Hospital, in Benin City.
Speaking to Newsmen after the inspection, a highly elated Governor Oshiomhole said with the award of contracts to manufacturers to bring in the very best and latest medical equipment, Nigerians will no longer have to travel to Europe and India for medical check up and treatment as those same equipment would be available for use at the Benin Central hospital.
He said, “We are putting every pressure on the equipment suppliers to ensure that the right thing is done.
“I think what will also excited you is the fact that when these equipment are installed, there would be no hospital in this part of the world that would have the kind of quality equipment that we will have here, in terms of sophistication.
“A lot of the films, CT Scan, the most advanced technologically available, much more better than any one that I know of in Nigeria will be installed here and the whole idea is that instead of people paying millions of naira to fly to Europe, to India to do proper checks, we can get those checks done here.
“Also, we are going to work out an appropriate management policy that will ensure that the facilities are maintained, that patients gets value and that Edo people don’t have to worry, looking for ambulance to go to neighbouring state because somebody have small ailment and because of lack of diagnostic equipment, they are going out of the country for checks and so on”.
Oshiomhole continued, “A lot of these equipment, you don’t buy them off the shelf, so they have to be produced on order. But the important thing is that we have awarded contract already for the supply of the medical equipment and I am sure they will begin to deliver them as they arrive.
“A lot of them have to be imported and so, I think from the terms of the contract, we expect that all the contract equipment should be in at about April. It takes about 4 months because you have to allow for shipping, for clearing, for installation and all that.
“But I think the real good news is that, even at this time when things are very tough, in getting our priorities right, we have awarded the contract, we have effected payment of part of the money. We just released about 1.5billion naira as advanced payment for the equipment and once you have payed, and we have bank guarantee, we know that these equipment would be delivered.
“So, I am excited with the progress that we are making and am looking forward to the day that we will be able to commission it”.
Speaking on plans to ensure that the equipment are properly maintained and serviced to ensure maximum use, Oshiomhole said, “The deal we have made with the equipment manufacturers is in two or three parts. The first part is to supply and install. The second part is to maintain the equipment for a period.
“We have maintenance for a few years in the first instance which will be subject to renew from time to time and thirdly, a contract to train our medical workers, whether they are technicians, whatever to train them to maintain those equipment because every equipment requires servicing and maintenance.
“After the first agreement for maintenance with the manufacturers have ended, we expect that those who have been trained would continue.
“We are going to recruit young people in their 20’s and not more than early 30’s to train them so that they have long career in the hospital. So all of those things have been thought through and then, we will deal with the big issue of doctors and their attitude to patients”.
Addressing workers at the new Ultra Modern Central Hospital Site, Governor Oshiomhole thanked them for their contribution in translating the vision of his administration into the beautiful edifice saying it shows that the Nigerian worker is creative and resourceful who with the right supervision can achieve anything.
The Governor said, “We thank God for using you and I, as Nigerians to demonstrate the slogan of the Nigeria Labour Congress which says that labor creates wealth.
” I am very proud that working under supervision, this edifice is the outcome of your own creativity, your intellect, your productivity, your resourcefulness and all those fine qualities that distinguishes the Nigerian workers.
“The Site Manager of A&K has taken me round the building and if I say I am impressed will be an understatement, I am very, very impressed. As I have always said, the responsibility of a leader is to dream big and act even bigger”.
He continued, ” There were many who laughed after the first unfortunate incident because we have very many bad minded people in this town. Too many bad Politicians. When the building collapsed, they said God has caught him but God doesn’t catch good people, He strengthens them.
“I did promise that it will never be my portion to lament, that when we return, we will return even bigger. Today, what you see is the outcome of that dream, of that vision, of our commitment, if our courage, of our resourcefulness, of our industry and our financial skills.
” I am sure you are aware in many parts of the country today, many states are not able to pay the salaries of their civil servants but we are not only paying the salaries of our Civil Servants, we are also paying our contractors so that they too can pay their workers
” I am very happy to come here this evening and you are all still working. I am so impressed with you and it reinforces the point I have always made that with the appropriate leadership, motivation and recognition, the Nigeria worker is not lazy. You have proven that”, he said.

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