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Poor Cognitive Audit

THERE is one unique thing the US President, Barack Obama does.  He talks with a speech drawl.  This is not due to lack of ideas or communication blurs.  Rather, it is because he wants to avoid a slip of the tongue, thus making reckless drinking bar statements with public distaste.  In other words, what Obama does each time he speaks is to engage in studious cognitive audit of his pronouncements.
Over here, most of our leaders say whatever they like, whenever they choose and wherever they find themselves without regard to public sensibilities.  Put simply, there is poor cognitive audit among majority of our leaders.
Let’s go back in time to the days of President Shehu Shagari (1979 – 1983).  His henchman Umaru Dikko, in reaction to economic experts’ statements that most Nigerians were dying of hunger due to misgovernance, he stated that all was well.  Afterall, no Nigerian was eating from the dustbins.  In other countries with a poor population of critical conscientization, Umaru Dikko  and the government he represented would have been neutralised after such a diabolical pronouncement.  However nothing happened as always in Nigeria, land of I-don’t-carism.
Also, Shagari himself said at one time during his ignoble presidency that he “doesn’t read Nigerian newspapers” out of bitterness for the hard truths some of them wrote about his administration.  All said, what he didn’t realise was informing the electorate which “voted” him into office that he had kicked off a virile media platform for interacting with them.  Well, some December 1983.   Shagari, Umaru Dikko and their co-travellers were swept out of office by a much descried coup!!  Good riddance to bad rubbish!
In recent times, certain public figures have also equally shown utter disregard for cognitive audit.  Enter Mallam Nasir El Rufai and Femi Fani-Kayode.  In case you don’t know, Mallam Nasir El Rufai was former FCT minister under Obasanjo civilian administration and is now governor of Kaduna State.  While he was FCT minister and a staunch PDP member, he attacked Buhari viciously in 2010 for contesting the presidency.
In an interview with The Sun newspaper of September 30, 2010 he said: “I was 25 years old when Buhari was military head of state.  So, I don’t understand why he is still wanting to be president.  I don’t understand that at all.  I call on all young people of Nigeria to take their destiny into their hands and ensure that they vote for a new generation of leaders.”  Certainly, not Buhari.
Behold, before one could say “Fulani Pastoralism” Mallam Nasir El Rufai later left PDP and migrated first to Buhari’s CPC party on which platform Buhari was then aspiring to become president.  Yet, according to Rufai, the man Buhari did not need the votes and support of youths like him because Buhari was an old outdated politician.  To cut a marathon story short, Rufai subsequently transmuted into APC member along with Buhari.  Yes, both of them became members of the same party!
His vicious antagonism for Buhari fizzled into the thin harmattan air. He campaigned for Buhari during the presidential election of March 28, 2015 which Buhari won.   And, so, Buhari today is a much older man as president of Rufai. Oops, if Rufai didn’t like a young Buhari presidency of yesterday, do you expect him to glorify an elder Buhari presidency of today with sincerity?
Well, I no no book-ooo!!. So, neuropsuchiatrists with specialization in schizhrenia should help me out.
Femi Fani-Kayodeis also guilty of double speak and poor cognitive auditing of his public speeches like Mallam Nasir El Rufai. His case is worse. To start with, he is a multiple political pastoralist who has migrated from PDP to APC before retracing his steps back to PDP. During his sabbatical sojoun in APC he said many unprintable  things about the person of president Jonathan and the PDP. Trust, he is a master craftman when it comes to firing verbal cannons at opponents.
But do you know what later happened? He accepted PDP’s job as its publicity guru during  the campaign leading to the 2015 general elections. No conscience. No principles. No norality. No ethics. Nothing.!! What a suprisation  to decent people, to use Chief Zebrudaya’s words. Well, as if his 360o volute face wasn’t bemusing enough, he went on to unleash campaign terrorism on the APC in the morning of the afternoon he decamped  from  the party. No cognitive control at all over his verbal diarrhoeic discharges some of whreh were slanderous and libelous.
On his part, Chief Tony Anenih was reported by NTA Benin on January 25, 2015 to have said. “Anyone who says Jonathan is not going to win   the 2015 election is sick ………..” With all due respect, sir such a statement is an unethical communication blunder. The 15, 405, 928 voters who cast their lots with president Buhari in the March 28, 2015 election are healthy people. I don’t even think the 12, 603, 950 voters who voted for defeated Jonathan in the election were sick either.
All voters are in good health. Losing an election is not a sign or symptom of a disease neither was electoral pre-dispositions towards the winning APC party of Buhari.
Mr. Jimi Agbaje, Lagos State PDP gubernatorial candidate, in January 2015 took his cognitive slur to far away London. Without thinking, he told his audience  there that “if Jonathan loses the 2015 presidential election, the militants have the capacity to shut down the economy.”
He made the statement because he knows that in Nigeria our matured jungle accepts alloddities. People test the willpower of the state and go scot free. Were Nigeria, the proverbial Indonesia that executes drug pushers, would Mr. Jimi   Agbaje make such a seditious statement that militants in the Niger Delta would cripple the economy If Buhari wins the presidential election? No. He would think twice for making that declaration. Prof Akin Mabogunje in an interview with Saturday Sun of May 16, 2015 observed  that President Jonathan failed in office because he wasn’t prepared for it. I agree with him. For instance, if you take Jonathan’s pronouncements alone you will discover that he was not cut for leading Nigeria as a nation. See on May 6, 2015 the president on his fifth anniversary in office said to his ministers at  the federal executive council meeting. Today, we will not say the national prayer. Someone is celebrating his birthday. So, we will only offer special prayers for him. Two very Godly people will pray. Nebo and Yuguda…..”
Question time. Oga Jonathan, prayers day too much? So for your birthday, you no need Nigeria’s national prayer? UnGodly people day your cabinet? Questions. Questions Anyway, what  the statement by our former president show is that he speaks   without a second  thought as to the repercussions of his words.
My advice, therefore, is that let’s us all have cognitive audit of what we say. Words are milky in nature. Once you spill then from your mouth you cannot gather them again. Verbal anarchy is let loose!!.
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