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That campaign of calumny against Ogie



It has become an open secret to all and sundry in our beloved Edo State in particular and the country as a whole of Governor Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole’s fixation on solely selecting his successor at the expiry of his tenure in 2016. He has only succeeded in upsetting the polity with his proposed candidates.

It is visible to the blind, and loud to the deaf that his favored candidate is Osarodion Ogie his former Chief of Staff and current Commissioner for Works, whose loyalty over the years made him a trusted political protégé of his.

Going by unspoken political calculations, the governorship seat has rotated back to the Binis (Edo South) since Oshiomhole is an Afemai (Edo North). Ordinarily, this would not be a problem, but with the recent disclosure that OGIE IS NOT BINI AT ALL, nor is he an Edo indigene but rather he is of Delta Urhobo extraction. Where does this leave Oshiomhole and his preferred choice?

The name Ogie is a corrupted version of the Urhobo name ‘OJIE’. Osarodion was born in Sapele to a Delta Urhobo father and mother and only moved to Benin as a teenager in time to enroll in Eghosa Grammar School. His father was believed to have migrated to Benin City with his three wives, including Osarodion’s mother, all of Urhobo extraction. Ogie, his twin brother ‘Teddy’ and siblings were raised in a home where Urhobo is the only spoken dialect. This further leads credence to the fact that his current wife, Ejiro Gegere is also of Delta Urhobo extraction and presently resides in one of Ogie’s flats in 1004 Estate, Victoria island, Lagos.

In comparison, Adams himself grew up and spent a greater part of his life in Kaduna, but moved back to Edo State when he had his gubernatorial ambition. Ogie being a Delta Urhobo, should also move back home to Delta state to pursue his governorship aspiration.

As Ogie is of Delta extraction, we ask the Comrade Governor these questions;

  • Whose ethnic turn will Ogie be serving?

  • Will he be an extension of Oshiomhole’s 8 years?

  • Then again, have we run out of legitimate men and women of Edo stock?

  • Does the Comrade Governor have skeletons in his closet which he needs his boy to conceal for him by installing him as governor?

  • Will Ogie stand the Code of Conduct test?

  • What happened to ‘One man, one vote’ and no imposition?

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