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The A, B, Cs of Edo retreat


The recent retreat organized by Edo State Government has in no doubt prepared participants and drivers of state policies with refreshed strategic vitality capable of delivering desired objectives to finishing well, a statement by a Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Media Affairs, Mr. John Mayaki has said.

Mayaki who was reacting to comments made by one Colynx Okonofua on a television programme on Monday in Benin City titled: This morning on ITV, where the commentator boasted that he would resist any attempt to pay residency tax also regretted why the state government would organize a retreat for Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries outside Edo State due to paucity of funds in the country.

According to a Statement signed by Mayaki, “I think the commentator needs to be educated that the affairs of government is not conducted on the basis of public opinion. We have had retreats organized within Edo State in the past but let me quickly add that the term retreat on its own is enough to justify why it was not held within the precinct of Government House as critics would want to advise.

For clear understanding, Mayaki explained that a retreat is a period of seclusion from family and work, solitude to a changed location and a period of group withdrawal for meditation to undergo change in thinking or in a position especially to re-strategize, reassess and re-position. It must satisfy its condition of inviolable privacy.

“To suggest that the retreat was a waste of state resources in a financially precarious situation is to accept defeat in ability to generate fresh and novel ideas which could lead to a second term fatigue. Certainly, this retreat is not worthless. The well-planned retreat has the potential to deliver a range of tangible and intangible benefits that will ultimately make this administration productive, better equipped to finishing well by reaching the strategic objectives of government.

“There is no doubt that the retreat has generated goodwill and a sense of community among the permanent secretaries and commissioners; this achievement is unquantifiable. I also think that the treat is worth while especially so towards the end of the tenure and during tough economic times; it’s never a bad idea.

“Already, I see those who participated beaming with fresh ideas and innovations, renewed vigour and strategic vitality with effervescent spirit because the retreat had more of bureaucratic blend in delivering the developmental dividends than politics.

“The Governor knows too well that it depends on how well he puts the Commissioners and bureaucrats to work and how much visionary and strategic vitality the participants would bring to government after the retreat. We are back from the retreat with all the needed elements to finishing well and the engine has started to whir”.

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