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The Backslidden or Frontslidden Pastor: A Distinction


The Backslidden or Frontslidden Pastor: A Distinction

Pastors are known by their integrity and straightforwardness – they are the messengers of God and mirror to others. When they speak, they do so with sanctity and respect. They are not known to be dogs who go back to their vomit. I mean the real, not the fake Pastors – men of God that are heavenly bound.

Is Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu one of these pastors described above? Am sure you know him? He prefers to be called Pastor, if you know him. A Pastor is one that swears to his own hurt and would not change. There are no political pastors or religious pastors – a Pastor is a Pastor. But it seems am missing the point – there are categories of pastors in the case of pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu.

For instance, how would you described the likes of a particular Pastor who own the plane that was arrested and detained in South Africa said to have been carrying huge sums of Nigeria’s money to buy arms on one of the streets in South Africa? Am sure you know him too? The controversial ex-CAN president.

Am not sure he was the one who shared the recent N7Billion or N6Billion said to have been released by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan to Pastors in the country, so as to campaign against the opposition party’s candidate and now President – Muhammadu Buhaari.

One of my course mate in school told me in a whatsapp chat that our man, the former “Oga” of Christians in Nigeria is a political pastor. She, my course mate, is from Oritsejefor’s place. She is Oke. However, I am unable to verify that claim yet.

I am yet to see anyone who would confirm to me, the status of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Upper Room Parish Pastor, Benin City. But after reading one of his interview published on February 13, 2012, and the present standing of the same man, you cannot differentiate him from a dog that went back to its own vomit.

Pastor was the Vice-Chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in the Southsouth region. In the said interview, he refuted insinuations making the rounds that he and his loyalists were on their way out of the party.

He stated that it would be foolhardy for him to destroy a house he had labored to build over the years.

Rumour mongers had it that Pastor Ize-Iyamu and his core supporters were on their way out of the party to align with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) so as to hurt Comrade Oshiomhole whom they allegedly felt has not been supporting them to continue the Lucky Igbinedion years of the locust.

But Pastor debunked it saying he would be the last person to destroy a house he joined in building, adding that a few years ago when the then ruling PDP became too cocky he and a few others decided to give the party a fight by aligning with another party that would be a better alternative.

He averred that he has never regretted his action in that regard.

Pastor Ize-Iyamu believes the rumour about his intention to defect from the ACN is no doubt being peddled by those who do not wish the state well considering the level of development Governor Oshiomhole has brought to the state within his first tenure in office.

Find out if Pastor has kept to faith – where is he standing now? Backslidden or frontslidden?

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