Home Opinion The rolling decampees and bloodied nostrils (part one)

The rolling decampees and bloodied nostrils (part one)


The rolling decampees and bloodied nostrils (part one)

I have, at the conception of this article, aggregated a-three-pronged approach to this work and with different titles. But, I have had to find a melting point to merge them altogether namely; Allies against their party, the irritability of decampees, bloodied nostrils and a jobless Dan Orbih.

Unarguably, some of these thoughts and titles had nationalistic outlook while others were simply local, tied to Edo State politics; my approach here is to nationalize the local ones. I have had to sum up all these in one headline as above.

As a preamble, Goodluck, the victim had died prematurely, though politically, with money in his wallet; loaded Niger Delta tailored pocket. One way or another, he had been headed for a big political night and as a result, some fast guys in the present ruling People’s Democratic Party who had wanted to see the political down fall of Adams Oshiomhole of Edo, forcefully retire Buhari from active politics to the agrarian city of Daura and Jagaban on political exile suddenly want to paint a picture of pre-election support.

To buttress the point made above, I read in the Sunday Vanguard of Captain Hosa Okunbor, the PDP rejigger, and I immediately thought of a headline; Allies against their party. They abound across the country, unexpectedly more so, in the North. They were in the PDP but they had secretly ganged-up against their party. I shall address this issue on a latter date with all the platitudes being given.

Before the narrative on the bloodied nostrils, in which Chief Tom Ikimi made the list, one thing that gives me joy is the now jobless status of Chief Dan Orbih, the garrulous PDP chairman, Edo State Chapter. He is simply out of job, at least in his far-flung political future except he finds his way into the ruling party. He is in the cold, no sympathies though. I shall find time to deal with that title.

Meanwhile, there had been a struggle, though much of a big one between Nigerians but championed by Jagaban with Buhari as the major beneficiary of a long-coveted seat on one hand and the largest political party in Africa on the other end.

However, the kill has been as quick as decisive. Though, it never promised to be as the struggle was still on when luck ran out of good-luck. The alleged planned kidnap of Jega had collapsed, am sure that was the last card on the gejites’ strategists list.

Ruined, the body was found along a nameless, moss-covered pond-creek in the riverine Otuoke. There, they saw the blood, and members started sweating; some switching camps in a most desperate move to forestall possible probe by a seemly ravaging incoming hurricane government at the centre.

Jagaban and his founded party had become known for its victories in recent times but political gang-bangers who hadn’t seen it coming were not spared but battered; they never or least imagined it would happen to them. But, this one was different. It was the talk in town even at the level of the international community.

Expectedly, while some were seen grieving, with bloodied nostrils, others were caught napping, frantically realigning and amending their political histories as the winners were busy setting agenda for a new Nigeria.

My irritability, however stems from no other serial decampees in the persons of the Idahosas…..a most urbane and cosmopolitan West Idahosa and another, though less unknown former Commissioner for Public Private Partnership, Mr. Dennis Idahosa.


Professor Oserheimen Osunbor, Charles Airhavbere and the self-styled rice-man, Imansuagbon may not belong to this classless description of decampees without integrity but, for me, one thing working for them is the conviction that the fight against the godfather was collective though fought from different angles.

While politics abhors morality, I beg to differ even when I can’t change the norm. I do not fancy decampees as a non-conformist but Idahosas were irritating.

On the lesser Idahosa, who was prevailed upon from dumping his opposition party to the goodluck party before the election, was compensated with a commissioner-ship appointment.

In the heat of the kitchen, when the food was still being cooked, he threw in the towel and became a gejite and not quite long, after a kill, he consumed his shame before the kitchen heat would subside, and rejoined the party.

Am not sure you know him. I mean the average height guyman, average weight and his face as common and unforgettable as dust. I had done one on him titled: the baptism of the pig, but he won’t change. He enjoys what he does. It’s the thing that keeps him going, I guess.

Short to say that the bug “change” had caught up with almost everyone that all the crowds look the same direction in the polity. The losers yet to wake up from the wicked hands of defeat just as those who managed to pick up the pieces, are frantically seeking refuge in the un-unbrellared party.

Turning their allegiances away from the crumbling party, and halting between two opinions, they began surveying the political scene like someone playing kids’ search game where valuable objects are hidden within a crowded picture. Am sure these separated but, politically-identical Idahosas  know exactly what they are looking for but not where to find it.

When then would a man walk away from a successful business and never look back? It’s food for thought directed at Idahosas. Will they continue to change their political look or place of political living? What about their names and appearances? Should things get different next time, will they irritate us with ship jump to another destination….yet unknown? Have they found something to die for? Any reputation, integrity, or shame? These  men need soul searching and political direction to forge ahead….though in a more saner world.  See you in part  two.

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  1. Ehiogie West-Idahosa.

    May 15, 2015 at 4:39 pm

    Dear Mayaki, greetings. I read your piece which made reference to my polital alliances. I hope you would be civil and professional alone to publish my brief response. Let me say that for 12 years I was in the House of Reps on the platform of PDP. In those years, few in that House were as adacious as myself in propelling progressive ideas. I moved to the APC when I found a nationally progressive platform. On joining APC, it became clear that some of us and our ambition were marked out for annihilation and unwilling to let my senatorial ambition die, I reconsidered going back to PDP when the promise of a new PDP was made and I believed it. Upon my return, it was clear that there was nothing new in PDP. Not only was my nephew murdered while returning from the Bank, the party showed no compassion to me. Rather, chieftains appeared excited and falsely claimed that I had left the senatorial race as a result of the said death. That was a travesty. Nothing had changed. For me it was safer to remain in APC than to risk remaining in PDP deeply lacking in compassion. I remain human and would not sacrifice my right to pursue happiness for the fear of political commentators lacking in research capacities. What was Buhari looking for in APP,ANPP, CPC and APC? He was passionate about his capacity to serve Nigeria. What was Oshiomhole looking for in PDP, ANPP, LABOUR PARTY, AC, ACN and APC? He believe that he could rescue Edo State. What is so irritable about moving from PDP to APC to PDP and back to APC. I didn’t join APC after the presidential victory. I joined before the elections having aligned myself to a progressive camp that I am known to belong to. Who was not aware of suspension in the House as one of the leaders of the progressive forum who challenged corruption head on. Worry not about my future political alliance as long as it is idea logically justifiable. Did Ronald Reagan not move from the Democratic Party to theRuplican Party or did Hilary Clinton not share Republican ideals before joining the Democrotic party in the US. Your irritation is your entitlement and cannot be a parameter for measuring a politically correct action. Many thanks in anticipation that you would post my reaction. West-Idahosa.


  2. West-Idahosa.

    May 15, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    I meant audacious when I referred to my tenure in the House of Reps. There was typo-error. My attention was drawn to your piece while on international transit. West-Idahosa.


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