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The Squabbles for Odubu’s seat


Will Pius Odubu finish well and strong? I mean the Edo State Deputy Governor. His job is on the line. I know mischief makers’ mind will fly them to plot to impeach him. I am not aware of that yet. But since the Governor plans to finish well and strong, it is hoped Odubu will; it’s a joint ticket.

In the main, Odubu is gunning for Governor Adams Oshiomhole’s seat and no less than eight persons are also on the line, to grab his seat.

Some have been anointed; such as the Governor to be and his running mate by the ‘Camp of Osadebey’ but others have been given some promissory notes and may seem untenable in the political bank, any moment from now.

To qualify as a running mate to a would-be Governorship candidate, of any political party, you need not contest for the slot. As we speak, some are contesting it just as others have engaged in fisticuffs while Osadebey watches on.

The duo of Philip Shaibu and Gani Audu had a ding dong the other day in the presence of the ‘Grand Master’ in a bid to qualify for the slot. In the wake, Philip was settled and anointed for the job, this is the rumor in town.

He is already singing a new song and even going ‘personal’ about it. “We will fight” anybody that want to rubbish ‘my father’. Don’t ask me who his mother is?

How is Gani Audu feeling now? Who cares? No somebody does. He sure will be settled from the big elephant called ‘Government’.

Where is John Akhigbe? The rumor mill is rife with news of his interest for Odubu’s job. Tom Uloko’s name is here and there. The man you cannot wish away is a former Secretary to the State Government. Dr. Simon Imuekheme’s name is being bandied around. Clem Agba’s name is also on the list but ‘not in our camp’.

Others on promissory note without anointing are Mr. Peter Esele, Lucky James, (not in our camp), Peter Akpatason, Prof. Julius Ihonvbere and Oseni Elamah. The list keeps growing.

Blessing Aigbomere is contesting for Governor to be Deputy Governor, no doubt. Francis Inegbeniki has warned them not to add his name. He is not game.

All these in the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC).

Is the slot of a running-mate contested for? Why these heated contestations and squabbles from Akoko-Edo to Owan down to Etsako local government areas of Edo North?

Even the bug is also catching them up in Edo Central probably because of the manner the Governorship has been conceded to the South without any written or formal zoning arrangement.

The Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mr. Victor Edoroh and the State Party Chairman, Anselm Ojezua are from Edo Central, this may have given credence to the intrigues going on in the Central for a running mate, it was gathered.

According to a party chieftain whose interest seems not captured in the on-going sharing formula, “the position of the Deputy Governor or a running-mate as the case may be, is usually used to settle political interests that lost out in the primaries; I mean the strategic power interest, so as to be able to galvanize the party during the general election. That is how politicians do their things and not the other way round”.

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One Comment

  1. Jubecans

    February 26, 2016 at 8:47 am

    So many political calculations, overtures, maneuvering and dangerous politiking. We hope it all ends well.


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