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This PDP House of Commotion


This PDP House of Commotion

By Ebomhiana Musa

According to the wise ones, those the gods want to punish, they first make mad.No doubt, the gods of our land are determined to punish the People’s Democratic Party, PDP for its decade of decadence in our dear Edo State.

It’s no longer secret that for the 10 years the PDP held sway in Edo it wrecked unimaginable havoc for which the state is yet to recover fully. Its trails of mindless looting of our commonwealth are still visible in virtually all facets of our lives.

As much as the All Progressive Congress, APC tried to wipe out the tears of the people in its seven and a half years in office, the vestiges of the PDP are still visible across the 18 local governments.

Yet, shamelessly, they have the guts to say that they want to “change the change”. What an irony!

The good thing here is that the gods of our land are not sleeping, they are alive and kicking. The gods have thrown confusion into their midst as their leadership have turned their swords against themselves in a bitter and deadly battle of supremacy. They have turned deaf ears to all entreaties to shealth their swords as they battle for the soul of the PDP.

Surely, they are heading for destruction. For the very fact that the party mindlessly wrecked a monumental havoc on the socio-economic life of our people in its 10 years in Osadebey Avenue, the gods would continue to fuel the confusion in the house of PDP down the line, from the national to the wards.

This bitter rivalry is better described as the PDP house of commotion with the attendant different and conflicting court judgements.

The Good Books say affliction shall not come the second time. So, Edo State shall not witness another affliction in the hands of the PDP, never! Not in our generation.

I have said it before in this colunm and I am saying it again, loud and clear that until the party goes for restitution and confesses the sins of how it underdeveloped our state for a decade, it shall never get close to Osadebey Avenue again, the Edo people shall never allow it. On November 12, 2007, our Moses,(Oshiomhole) led us on a journey out of Egypt through the desert and we are already overlooking and breathing the fresh air of the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey, so no going back on this.

However, this Moses would not take us there because the havoc done in the land for ten years with an unimaginable damage to the psyche of our people has made the journey bumpy and longer than expected. Godwin Obaseki is the biblical Joshua that would take us there as a people.

Hence, the APC keeps on preaching continuity as it criss-crosses the length and breadth of the state, pleading with the people not to rebel against the leaders like the Isrealites of old in this seemingly tortuous journey to the Promised Land. The socio-economic problems facing the people today was as a result of the sins (years of misrule) of the PDP from the federal down to the states.

Hence, the tourtous journey to the Promised Land. But this journey must not be truncated regardless of the pains, we must all endure for the sake of our children and generation yet unborn. This chain of developments must not be broken, the beat must go on.

The red roof revolution must continue, the rural areas must be opened up for developments, the urban renewal drive must continue to give our cities the befitting status, more roads must be constructed, our youths must be taken out of the streets, the market women/men and the petty traders must be empowered, we must continue to dig more boreholes in our rural communities to banish water born disease in our midst, our human capital must be developed to equip our people for the modern day challenges, need I say more?

All these are the reasons why there must be continuity. The sharks must not be allowed a place again in our ocean of life as a people.

Funny enough, in their campaign of deceit, they shamely talk about the moribund industries across the state. But who killed the industries in the first place? Of course, the PDP did through their bad management and mindless looting of our commonwealth!

The fruit Juice Factory in Ehor, the cassavita company, Edo Cement in Ikpeshi, the Bendel Brewries in Benin, the Opkella cement factory, Ewu Flour Mills, Bendel Line, Edo Cattle Ranch in Akoko Edo are all moribund with billion of tax payers money go down the drains.

The carcasses of these industries are all vestiges of the PDP misrule in the state.They either sold them to their cronies or deliberately allowed these industries to die, later swoop on them like locusts and vandalised the machine parts. What a mean set of scavangers called political leaders!

Now they are at it again, their game of deceit, they are out asking for votes to go back to Osadebey Avenue. But the Edo people are wiser. They decided to make the revival of these dead industries a campaign issue, feeding the people with their usual lies.

But I must say here that government has no business establishing businesses. All they need do is to provide the enabling environment by making the state investors friendly. That exactly is what the APC government has been doing and would continue to do.

These efforts have started yielding the desired results with the setting up of the one billion dollar Azura power plant in the state which is a Public Private Partnership, PPP initiative. On completion, Edo is expected to be the hub of power distribution in the entire South South region.The ceramic factory situated on the Benin bypass and of course, the multi-million Naira mechanized agriculture project spearheaded by Captain Hosa. If the APC government had not made the state attractive for investors by providing the enabling environment, world renowned investors like Alhaji Aliko Dangote and Ishiaku Rabiu of Bua Group and the Chinese investors would not have found their their way here to invest.

Godwin Obaseki, the man who is set to receive the batton of leadership from Oshiomhole has said it over and over again that he would expand the frontiers of these developments on assumption of office.

I must say that the PDP and its leaders will surely get a shocker of their lives come September 10 as we witness more of the confusions under its tattered umbrella. I want to be quoted on this at the fullness of time.

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