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Undistinguished Dino Melaye !


By Ebomhiana Musa

Controversial Senator, Dino Melaye, the man representing the good people of Kogi West in the upper chamber of the national assembly, is at it again. Unfortunately, by his public conducts, this rabble rouser has become an embarrassment to both his people and colleagues. His colleagues only tolerate him as an undistinguished member of the upper chamber. Nobody takes him seriously anymore whenever he stands to contribute to debates in the hallowed chamber. Some begin to wonder if he is not under the influence.


   Well, some of us are not surprised that this ill-mannered man is at it again. This was a man who orchestrated most of the crises in the House of Representatives of the sixth national assembly, turning the green chamber into a boxing ring, making the place ungovernable for the house leadership led by Rt. Hon Dimeji Bankable. Twice, he was suspended from plenary for his unpaliamentary conducts, most times bordering on thuggery and loud talks. His rebellious behaviours cost him the chairmanship of the house committee on Information and Orientation. On two occasions his suits were torn into shreds in brawls, pushed out of the hallowed chamber by the Sergeant-at- arms in the full glare of local and international television. Yet, he saw nothing wrong with it. Rather, he was gloating like a he-goat!


At the zenith of his notoriety in the sixth assembly, Dino became a pariah of sort as his colleagues avoided him like a plague. Those who still related to him did so only for his nuisance value. What a character! He ended his tenure in shame and thoroughly embarrassed in his attempt to seek re-election as his people roundly rejected him at the polls. His people thought he would have learnt some lessons and changed from his ignoble past, hence, the second chance given him to represent them at the upper chamber. Unfortunate, Dino is like the provable leopard that cannot change its skin. He is still his old self.

Some have said that Dino may be blind to his bad public conducts, arguing that the habit is simply a function of his family background. If not, what then is the correlation between the need for Nigerians to patronize our own products and Nigerians who desire to marry non-Nigerians?


   This man who is notorious for his “diarrhoea of the mouth” was said to have made some uncomplimentary remarks about the Comrade Governor of Edo State last week, impugning his matrimonial home. Undistinguished Dino was said to have developed what some considered to be brain drain as he veered off the mark while contributing to the debate on the floor of the red chamber. He made some scathing remarks about the Edo State Governor who chose to marry a non- Nigerian.

But the irony of it is that this undistinguished rascal has no wife! Yet, he has children from three women with some virtually forced on him for failing to be a responsible father. This playboy lawmaker has no iota of respect for women he sees as mere products to be bought, used and dumped at will. Hence, his nauseating remarks on the floor of the senate.


   Beyond Oshiomhole and his wife, Iara, I see Dino’s remarks as a direct attack and insult on the women worldwide. It stands condemned by all men of good will who value women. It remains condemned of course by women with self dignity who value themselves. Oshiomhole’s choice of a non-Nigerian as a wife is purely his own personal decision and it’s within his own constitutional right. It is not and cannot be the subject of debate on the floor of the senate as a responsible chamber with men and women of integrity. The senate knows it’s limitations. It would not go into the personal life of any individual or indeed that of a sitting Governor. But given his unbecoming behaviours as the black ship of the chamber, Dino chose to do otherwise. Given his penchant for use and dump, treating women in his life like serviettes, Dino is the least person in that chamber to comment on the marital life of any Nigerian because he has no moral ground. He should first put his house in order.


How can Dino truly see the “speck” in Oshiomhole’s eye without removing the log in his eye? The governor is demanding apology from Dino for his unwarranted attack on his personal life. A week after, Dino is yet to make any move to that effect. Like I said earlier, it’s not about Oshiomhole and his family but about the dignity of the woman which must be cherished and respected. To say the least, Dino is an embarrassment to his people. He has to bridle his tongue and conduct himself in the best parliamentary practices to dignify the hallow chamber.

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