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West Idahosa: Mayaki've never been more schooled


Written By John Mayaki

It takes some agility to shoot yourself in the foot and saw off the branch you’re sitting on while hoisting yourself with your own petard, all at the same time; but that is what I shall now attempt.

In this analysis on West Idahosa; Mayaki’ve never been more schooled, I shall argue based on a rejoinder to an earlier one titled; Rolling decampees and bloodied nostrils (part 1) where I held strong views on the activities of politicians and decampees such as West Idahosa and Dennis Idahosa among other sundry issues.

West Idahosa, as expected of a scholar that he is, fired back. He compelled me to publish his version of the narrative by using some hard and strong words. According to him, “Dear Mayaki, greetings. I read your piece which made reference to my political alliances. I hope you would be civil and professional alone to publish my brief response”.

Reading his reply, I sympathized with him. He lost his nephew during the struggle for a political ticket in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and of course, the ticket, denied. It’s a pity.

“My irritability, however, stems from no other serial decampees in the persons of the Idahosa; a most urbane and cosmopolitan West Idahosa and another, though less unknown, former Commissioner for Public private partnership, Dennis Idahosa” these were part of my opening introduction.

I added,  “turning their allegiances away from the crumbling party, and halting between two opinions, they began surveying the political scene like someone playing kids search game where valuable objects are hidden within a crowded picture.  Am sure these separated but politically identical Idahosa’s know exactly what they are looking for but not where to find it.

“In the heat of the kitchen when the food was still being cooked, he threw in the towel and became ‘gejites’ and not quite long, after a kill, they consumed their shame before the kitchen heat would subsides, and rejoined the party”.

In a nutshell, I submitted Idahosa decamped from PDP to APC, from there to PDP and from PDP back to APC, an action which caused by irritability. But, he was quick to argue that is he is not alone, he mentioned accomplices.

But, I was schooled, I have never been more. He offered explanations and reasons for his actions. I have never been more schooled. I agree.

However, I disagree, when he questioned saying, “ What was Buhari looking for in APP,ANPP, CPC and APC? He was passionate about his capacity to serve Nigeria. What was Oshiomhole looking for in PDP, ANPP, LABOUR PARTY, AC, ACN and APC?

My answer is simple. They never decamped. They were part of those who formed the new political bride called All Progressive Congress (APC). They were the founding fathers of these parties and were never joiners. Teacher don’t teach me non-sense.

According to Idahosa, “Let me say that for 12 years, I was in the House of Representatives on the platform of PDP. In those years, few in that House were as audacious as myself, in propelling progressive ideas.

“I moved to the APC when I found a nationally progressive platform. On joining APC, it became clear that some of us and our ambition were marked out for annihilation and unwilling to let my senatorial ambition die, I reconsidered going back to PDP when the promise of a new PDP was made and I believed it.

“Upon my return, it was clear that there was nothing new in PDP. Not only was my nephew murdered while returning from the Bank, the party showed no compassion to me. Rather, chieftains appeared excited and falsely claimed that I had left the senatorial race as a result of the said death. That was a travesty. Nothing had changed.

“For me it was safer to remain in APC than to risk remaining in PDP deeply lacking in compassion. I remain human and would not sacrifice my right to pursue happiness for the fear of political commentators lacking in research capacities.

“What is so irritable about moving from PDP to APC to PDP and back to APC. I didn’t join APC after the presidential victory. I joined before the elections having aligned myself to a progressive camp that I am known to belong to.

“Who was not aware of suspension in the House as one of the leaders of the progressive forum who challenged corruption head-on. Worry not about my future political alliance as long as it is idea logically justifiable. Did Ronald Reagan not move from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party or did Hilary Clinton not share Republican ideals before joining the Democratic Party in the US?

“Your irritation is your entitlement and cannot be a parameter for measuring a politically correct action. Many thanks in anticipation that you would post my reaction. My attention was drawn to your piece while on international transit”, West-Idahosa.

I am more schooled now but negatively. That I lack capacity for research, according to Idahosa, is on the reverse here. Who lacks capacity for research from the issues you raised? How many times did you discovered that PDP was evil and when? The people you mentioned like Buhari and Oshiomhole among others should be spared please. They were never decampees or joiners.

In all these, you have your freedom of association and as such, no law forbids your actions. Your response would be left for others to judge.


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