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When Oshiomhole’s Commissioners went to market



There is a wild gulf between going for shopping and going to the market. Don’t you think so? Big men and women shop while ordinary people go to market. That’s not entirely correct anyway; in civilized communities (Countries), you shop. There is nothing like ‘I am going to the market’.

Besides, in Africa, the tradition is, women go to market not men. However, this belief is fast becoming unpopular due to civilization or globalization but not in a wholesome acceptance.
I am scandalized, I saw Commissioners in the market. Oshiomhole’s Commissioners. Five of them. I mean big boys in town, at least in their own right. No without a female laced between. Am not sure you would find a cabinet member in the former Delta State Governor, Emmanuel Udughan administration on the streets of Asaba or Warri, let alone, market.

Delta State, I understand is the richest state in the South South or Niger Delta. Akwa-Ibom, Rivers, Cross Rivers, are among other richest states in this region and they seldom owe salaries but you won’t find their big boys in the market but in Edo, where Oshiomhole paid the last salary on the 27th of May, and not owing, Commissioner for Environment and Public Utilities and a respected Prince, went to Oba Market.

Did you say it’s ridiculous? Pictures don’t lie, afterall. They reduced governance to the streets and made it unattractive. “Yes, it is more so living a normal life, so that when they leave government, they can be accepted back to the society.”
Clem Agba is the Prince. He was not alone. There is another, he is typically seen more on the streets. He sits there with the people, eat and drink with them. Do you know Chief? The Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs. The authentic Chief, Lucky James.
“Like father, like son. Oshiomhole is doing it, why would Commissioners not go to market. Have you not seen Oshiomhole eating ‘boli’ on the streets? Mrs. Betty Osarumwense quipped.

This is not news to Mrs. Osarumwense, I guess because, according to her, their ‘Oga’, Mr. Governor was severally sighted on the streets of Benin and markets either pricing, buying or eating, she bantered.
Maybe they are practicing austerity measure, especially so, with a new regime like President Muhammadu Buhari. Don’t forget, our son did not only empty the treasury, he incurred, on our behalf, a humongous debt totaling N9.19 trillion.

‘Incidentally too, they are the poorest and least paid Commissioners in the country’, Governor Oshiomhole can bear witness to this. Oshiomhole’s new colleague and Kaduna State Governor, Nasir El Rufai was reported to have brought a sharp and long knife to his inauguration ceremony and the first casualty was himself and Deputy. He simply halved his salary and his ‘poor’ deputy’s till Nigeria bounces back to prosperity. This divvy, is certainly going to be across board into his cabinet but would they go to ‘kasuwa’ (market)?
The country is broke, no doubt but the former President, Goodluck Jonathan told us ‘Nigeria’s economy bests others in Africa’. This claim was tested by the almost shut down by a hand full of economic saboteurs, the previous week. I am developing thick skin to the dynamics of Nigeria’s slippery economy and politics though.
The shutdown, is a story for another day but this will shock you. An accountant told me he suffered fuel cut to the effect that he had none to power his generator. The effect was, no water in the house. If he missed his bath that day, he did not say but I saw him in the office, no smelling. I am sure you would not pray we experience that again.IMG-20150526-WA0007

Was this the reason Oshiomhole’s Commissioners personally went to the market, not Hallmark on Sapele Road? Now that they have decided to shop on the streets of Benin, what can we do? If they are broke, don’t ask me. Ask the Commissioner for Women Affairs, Mrs. Maigida, she was there in the market. Also in this league, is the Commissioner for Urban Development, Architect Frank Evbwonwan.IMG-20150526-WA0008

What did you see from the pictures? Shopping or what? It’s a serious matter. Oshiomhole’s Commissioners swooped on Oba of Benin market, particularly, the popular commercial nerve, Lagos Street. “To enforce orders from Oshiomhole”, the news just broke.

I thought they wanted to shop at the market, I was mistaken. “They were there to carry out an executive decision by the Comrade; Get Benin Clean Order”.
Oshiomhole was said to have come hard on street traders in the city by setting up an inter-ministerial committee to curb street trading in the metropolis.

Oshiomhole gave the committee a mandate, to among others, beautify the city.
For your information, street trading is a taboo and an offense now. It is so stipulated in Edo State Sanitation and Pollution Management Law no 5 of 2010. The violators of the law will be prosecuted in accordance with the stipulated law.
IMG-20150526-WA0011 IMG-20150526-WA0013
According to Clem Agba, “street traders as well as commercial drivers causing obstruction should desist or face prosecution. The committee will visit all the major markets in the metropolis”.

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